Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Stiff Post Half Marathon Run

I was ready for this session tonight, I've enjoyed the days off since the race, I should have done a little swim on Wednesday but due to work commitments it never happened. The set tonight was a good one to get into a rhythm and I get some quality sets in.

The session was: 8 x (2min 98% and 2mins 75% recovery)

The first 4 sets for me were great, legs felt a little tight but nothing to worry about, lungs we great, I worked at a high intensity. On the 5th set I felt my groin start to tighten, so in my recovery 2 minutes I stopped to do some stretching, it eased some of the tightness so it helped me to carry on but I toned down the speed but kept the intensity high.

I managed to keep the pace of under 8 minutes, and I stopped twice to stretch, so this isn't a true reflection of my pacing, but im still happy. My best pace was 04.49 which was great after the half marathon on Sunday. I kept the work rate high, maxing at heart rate of 186 BPM, which is high for these kind of sessions, but I enjoyed it.

Set 5 (Lap 9) was the only set where I dipped, but as I said above it was down to the stretching and took my foot of the pace, but I kept working hard.

I'm sure I'll be stiff in the legs on Friday so I'll hit the pool for a recovery swim.

Todays session

Duration 00 50 24
Distance 4.80
Calories 637
Average HR 167 BPM
Max HR 186 BPM
Average Pace 07.59
Best Pace 4.59

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