Thursday, 13 October 2011

Slow Down Intervals

Last session before my next race, the Cardiff half marathon. I feel it good condition so the idea of this session was to loosen my legs off and make sure my kit is race ready.

The session tonight is a tough on, but I plan to take it easy to stay in the best shape possible.

2 x (1min 98%, 1min 75%, 2min98%, 1min75%, 3min98%, 1min75%, 2min98%, 1min75%, 1min98%, 1min75%, 30sec98%, 1min75%, 30sec98%, 1min75%, 30sec98%, 1min75%)

I took it easy on and sat with the rest of the group and talked about race prep for the weekend. I was looking for the fastest time of the group and thats the joys of running a club a mixture of people with all different race agendas. I kept a low heart rate average for the set only 157 BPM, ideal for my race prep.

Its definitely getting colder as I took a hat down with me, I didn't wear it but im sure I'll be wearing it the next session on a Thursday night.

Todays session

Duration 00 47 22
Distance 4.76
Calories 644
Average HR 157BPM
Max HR 179BPM
Average Pace 08:48
Best Pace 04:53

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