Friday, 7 October 2011

Dark Start Runs Are Nearly Here

I missed out on last weeks session due to the triathlon on the weekend, so I was really keen to get a quality session in. The focus has moved to cross country races so the sets are based on them at the moment, which isn't great for me at the moment as im into half marathon training. The local council have decided to switch off the street lights in money saving exercise which is going to effect our training site as we cant training the dark and winter is coming. This was a lovely moon lit session but I think its going to be head torch material next week.

The session was:

3x (1min @I, 1min jog, 1min @I, 2min jog, 4min @I, 2min jog)

The coach called the start of the set before I had a chance to press go on my watch so I as half way through the first rep before I pressed go on the Garmin. I decided to manually lap this session so I was on the starters whistle for the evenings session. I managed to keep a 7.37 minute mile session which I am really happy about, im due a long run over the weekend so I hope I can keep to this work rate on that run. I average 0.6 of a mile on each 4 minute rep which is a great pace.

The first rep is in a low-ish zone as I was trying to sort the watch out, so I made up for it the 5 heart rate humps. I maxed out at 181 BPM which I haven't hit for some time in these session so I have worked hard but it was a windy and cold session so I was keen to keep warm.

Todays session

Duration 00 58 10
Distance 5.19 miles
Calories 689
Average HR 164 BPM
Max HR 181 BPM
Average Pace 7.37
Best Pace 5.26

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