Monday, 24 October 2011

Cold, Wet, Windy, Dark - Hill Session

Welcome back to a tough Monday night session with the elite group, a hill session in the poring down rain, gale force winds and its the first Monday night session I've done this winter in the dark. I wont forget this one in a hurry.

We ran a mile warm up to the chosen hill, the group do this set on a Thursday morning, its a shelter hill from the wind so it made the session a little bit easier for us.

The set was a mean hill one - 4 x large hill 4 x medium hill

It was a tough session for me as I hadn't run with the group for 3 weeks because its landed on a recovery day for me or I have had to work late, it definitely shows I've missed it. I worked hard and kept my heart rate high. I maxed out at 188 BPM which is high for me and I managed to stick with the group till the start of the 3rd rep but then they just blew me away and my legs just got heavier.

On the last hill, even though it was a medium I tried to kick on so I finished on a high and it was the fast rep of the night.. I should have worked harder on the earlier ones. Maybe next week?

Todays session

Duration 00 34 18
Distance 3.95
Calories 524
Average HR 166 BPM
Max HR 188 BPM
Average Pace 09.02
Best Pace 06.01

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