Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Steaming Running Is Back

Winter is definitely on route, I went for my run after work tonight and by the half way marker I could see the steam coming from my head. It wasn't because I had a stressful day in work either!

The temperature has really dropped since last week and I've noticed the outdoor training is getting cold so im digging out the long sleeved tops. The temperature drop didn't effect my speed though and my best pace of the session got to under 4 minute miles. I think it was when I had to sprint across the road so I didn't get run over, but I'll take that pace any day.

As this is mainly a summer route for me as there are no street lights on the route I wont be doing this one much more this year so I'll be going back to urban route running which has plenty on inclines and down hills not much rhythm running but it will be good to get more miles in my legs.

An average run for me, so I think its time I go to that new route I think my legs are used to running this route, I've got 2 half marathons left this yeah so I hope I can get in perfect condition for these races, so lets keep on running

Todays session

Duration 00 47 53
Distance 6 miles
Calories 834
Average HR 162BPM
Max HR 182BPM
Average Pace 07.57
Best Pace 03.47

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