Saturday, 10 September 2011

Old Route New Time (PB)

Its been a while since I've run this route, The last time I did was for the Ironman training weekend (Wales Half Marathon) and how different the weather was compared to today's lashing down rain and gale force winds.

I worked pretty hard on this session, so hard that I was a whole 7 minutes quicker than last time I did this run in December 2010.

I averaged out at the 8.19 minute mile pace, which im relatively happy about, I've got some half marathons scheduled for the end of the triathlon season so this is a great maker to see where I am. Lap 8 was the last up hill which I felt in the legs I pushed through and though of the home run which is down hill.

It was an nice early morning run aprt from the weather, the roads where all mine and the views down in pembrokeshire are amazing so you can focus on them which helps take the pain in your lungs away. I'd recommend this run to anyone and its one I'll be doing again.

Todays sesssion

Duration 01 23 23
Distance 10.01
Calories 1396
Average HR 159 BPM
Max HR 179 BPM
Average Pace 8.19
Best Pace 4.20

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