Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Newton Motus = Motion Men's Performance Stability Trainer - Review

I have been lucky enough to be given a pair of the Newton Motus stability trainers from the lovely people at Newtons and all I can say is why have I been so late getting a pair of these trainers, they are excellent, possible the best I've ever worn. The Newton shoes promote a natural running technique, which is completable different to the standard running shoe so I was keen to give them a try out.

As soon as you open the box you see how good looking these trainers are, the unique design and colour scheme complement each other and add to the classy finish.

These trainers are really light, you would think these are a racing shoe, you expect a stability shoe to be pretty dense but these are far from it. The shoe has additional support on the base of the trainer, it is there to reduce impact on your muscle and joints and this is exactly what is does, since having these shoes my visits to my sports therapist has dramatically reduced. I used to really suffer with my calf muscles and since the switch these pains have completed dulled down, this can only be a good thing as it gives me less need for rest days and as my muscles feel great I can train for longer. There is also additional padding on the heel to save the pounding on your legs and there is no weight with this extra stability which is everything you need in a stability shoe. It did feel different when I first put the shoes on but after following Newton's simple rules (documentation in the box) I soon got used to the rubber "stud like" support of the shoes.

Training in the UK is mostly wet, so its important to have a shoe that can dry quickly, keep your feet dry and not smell and these Newtons pass the test with flying colours, The trainers are covered in wicker mesh which repels the water but it makes the shoes really breath-able to keep your feet cool/. The mesh it tight enough to keep your foot in a stable position so there is no movement inside the shoe which is brilliant as there is no chance of blisters. The shoes do come up a little small so you need to make sure you follow there measurement requirements on their site to get the best fit. The trainers are really quick to dry, as I would run first thing in the morning and in the afternoons and the trainers would be dry for each session.

The Motus are a very comfortable trainer, I found myself wearing them for running as well as leisure time wearing. I went for a training week in Cyprus and wore them for recovery as well as interval training sessions and they were excellent. A totally different atmosphere and a totally different test for me on a pair of trainers, and once again they did me proud. Running in 37'c heat, my feet felt great, no effects from the heat, no additional moister in the shoes, the ideal training session.

Newton have created one of the, if not the best stability trainers on the market, its a great looking trainer and passes all the tests I threw at it with flying colours. I comfortably made the switch to more natural training shoe with no discomfort and I would recommend it to anyone, and I cant see myself going back to a conventional shoe again.

I feel now I am ready to use these shoes in my next long distance race which is Cardiff half marathon and I can say for sure I will have one less worry one the day as I know my feet will cope fine with the distance.

I think I found a trainer for life so I just hope Newton keep producing such a great product.

Find them here at Newton's web site.

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