Thursday, 8 September 2011

Intervals To The Max

What a tough set tonight and we have been building up to it in recent weeks, its the last workout before Ironman Wales for some of the club members so I wish them luck and who knows I could be doing it next year? Well may be a half Ironman at least.

The set today was:

4 x 6min 98%, 3min 85% (Recovery)

This was a tough one and im glad I managed to keep a decent pace throughout, the last 2 recovery jogs were the toughest and on the last 6 minute rep I worked as hard as I did in the first, just shy of the mile marker. I reckon If I was give an extra 45 seconds I could hit the mile effort, but I was shattered and I'll sleep well tonight.

My heart rate maxed out at 181 BPM which is high for me and its shows I worked hard in the session, and I averaged out at 160 BPM which is also a high mark. I wonder if I'd get that high on the Ironman... I wish I'd stop contemplating doing this Ironman and just make my mind up or get my wife to make it up for me!

Todays session

Duration  01 11 06
Distance 6.03 miles
Calories 800
Average HR 160 BPM
Max HR 181 BPM
Average Pace 07.44
Best Pace 05.57

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