Saturday, 3 September 2011

Cyprus Training - Swimming Drag

A sluggish swim today, it was hard work grinding out the distance today, the pool was really warm and not really refreshing. I still can't count the lengths so I'm still on the pool mate.

The masses has left the pool by 5pm so I was lucky enough to have to pool to myself.

I knew todays session was going to be hard from the start, it was one of the days where nothing was going to click. My arms were all over the place and my lack of lick meant it felt like I was leaving my waist and ankles behind me dragging along.

Todays set was a simple swim of:

1 x 2200 meters

After the 1500 meter mark I high about getting out and finishing the set there, but I was eager to finish the set on a high-ish note and get some decent meterage in before we leave back for Wales on Sunday. I'm sure I'll have time tomorrow to get some more meters in it the pool is quiet tomorrow before we have to leave.

I had aimed to complete 2500 meters but fell short..maybe my next session will be 2500m.

Todays session

Duration 00 51 13
Distance 2200 meters

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