Saturday, 17 September 2011

Brussels Running‏

I've running in Cyprus this year and now I've run in Brussels. Both have had some really interesting site on the routes, but the winner of this years award for "Best Running Location" goes to Brussels.

It was a great city run, from the hotel it was about a half a mile up hill loosener run to the fountain park and thats where I completed the distance session run. There was plenty to look at in the park from the wonderful fountain which have me some spray at the half way mark on each lap which was really refreshing just like that bloke with the hose pipe in Manorbier on half marathon at this years Long Ironman training weekend back in June.

The park had a large amount of runners in and it was great to see and not train alone like back at home, I must have past 1 bloke about 8 times and on each occasion he gave me the runners nod to say hi, which was great as he probably didn't speak English and I couldn't speak many words of French.

The other sites of the run included the US embassy and the Brussels house of parliament. These were enough to keep me distracted on my run.  The park looked like the paths had recently been replaced with new-ish clippings so your feet felt really sturdy and there was even a newly turfed section all the way around so if you liked running on grass you could be accommodated.

I've been thinking a lot recently about my next aim in the race area, Ironman, Half Ironman, Marathon I really don't know what direction to go in, I think I need to know I can run a marathon before I go the whole hog and go for the Ironman, but am I being a big girl and should I just go for the main event and go for the Ironman? Me and my wife are expecting our first child in December and I already know this will impact my training, I know most Ironman training plans need 9 months commitment, and with the new addition can I commit to it? If anyone can recommend a good marathon that's easy to get into and will be quiet enough for me to enjoy the race please let me know.

Back to the run session, it was a simple endurance run, a little longer than the norm as I had more time. The first 2 miles did hurt, and looking at the sites helped with distracting me but after that I found that happy place for running and clocked in Xxx miles and averaging 8.02 min mile pace. I ran a hard sprint session on Thursday night and I was still feeling it in my legs, and I was wearing my compression gear to help me recover quicker and it was working. I've been given some gear from the team at CompressportUK so I've got a gear review coming soon for them and all I can say now is WOW!

It was a hard session today my heart rate maxed at 168 BPM and averaged out at 160 BPM, which isnt very high but I did work hard to keep an decent pace.

 Maybe one day I'll run in Brussels again maybe I won't but I've really enjoyed the long weekend so if anyone is planning to go over there you can definitely take your running gear.

Todays session

Duration 01 02 16
Distance 7.52 miles
Calories 1056
Max HR 168BPM
Average HR 160BPM
Best Pace 06.11
Average Pace 08.02

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