Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Tumble Turns

The art of tumble turns, mine aren't pretty but there getting better, im only tend to do them at the deep end and only when the pool is empty, so I dont bum into anyone and if they go terribly wrong no one gets to see them.

A simple session of:

1 x 500 Freetyle
1 x 500 Flippers
1 x 500 Pull buoy

Todays Session

Duration 00 40 00
Distance 1500

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Negative Postive Run

This session was a change from my normal run for 2 reasons:
  1. I ran with company
  2. Negative Split Running

I was lucky enough to be joined by a mate for this session, it was good to chat and catch up and take the first half of the run lighter than normal. It was a perfect session for me to try out negative splitting.

My first 3 miles we ran together and we averaged a pace of 08.30 minute miles, which is pretty quick anyway, but when we split up, I ran on for an extra mile and then turned to chase my chum down.

Todays Session

Duration 00 58 03
Distance 7.41 miles
Calories 1032
Average HR 162 BPM
Max HR 179 BPM
Average Pace 07.47
Best Pace 06.03

Monday, 26 September 2011

Cough, Run, Cough, Run

I've had a few days off as I haven't been well, I've had man flu and now I've picked up cough from somewhere, But now I felt alot better so I decided to go for a run. The normal 6 mile route and took it easy.

Even I was feeling not 100% I still managed to average out 8 minute miles, I got result considering.

Todays session

Duration 00 48 30
Distance 6.06 miles
Calories 842
Average HR 157 BPM
Max HR 175 BPM
Average Pace 07.59
Best Pace 5.01

Thursday, 22 September 2011

10 - The Magic Number (Reps)

Another great club session today, It was a massive rep session:

10 x 2min 98%, 1min 80% Recovery

We went through our standard warm up session with some light jogging, stretches and fast twitch muscle preparation for the speed session.

The session also included hill sprints again, as the attendee numbers we low last night we had less time to recovery and get down the bottom of the hill so I was pretty tired just after that!

In the 2 minute intervals I was averaging out at 0.30 of a mile which was a good pace, I knew I had more to give in the 98% but we were doing 10 sets so I wanted to keep the same throughout. Its a great feeling know you can kick on, hope I can use it in my next race. It was important to keep jogging in my recovery (1 minute)  so I could keep momentum and keep my heart rate in the training zone.

From the heart rate graph it looks like I took it easy on set 4 and 9, as my heart rate has dipped considerably to all the other sets.

Todays session

Duration 01 03 37
Distance 5.66 miles
Calories 745
Average HR 166BPM
Max HR 178BPM
Average Pace 07.21
Best Pace 05.16

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fins Where Have You Been All My Life

What a completely different session to last week, after a stressful day in work I was ready for this swim and I was determined to complete 2500 meters, and guess what I did!

The session today was spilt into the following sets:

1 x 500 meters frestyle
1 x 500 meters fins
1 x 500 meters frestyle
1 x 500 meters fins
1 x 250 meters frestyle
1 x 250 meters pull buoy

This was the first time I've used fins and it was great, it really helped my kick. I classify myself as a lazy kicker when it comes to swimming and putting my fins on has helped me to remember to kick with them on and off. My 500 meters with fins was considerably quicker than without, the only downfall with fins that after swimming 500 meters it felt like I was on the verge of getting cramp in my legs. I'm sure this will die down the more I complete with the fins.

I had the lane to myself all session so I could concentrate on keeping my arms one each side of the line at the bottom of the pool which is great for me as im crossing the right arm quite badly, so this was great to practise all evening too.

It was a great stress releaver and im ready for work tomorrow stress free!

Roll on next weeks swim.

Todays session

Duration 00 50 00
Distance 2500m

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Steaming Running Is Back

Winter is definitely on route, I went for my run after work tonight and by the half way marker I could see the steam coming from my head. It wasn't because I had a stressful day in work either!

The temperature has really dropped since last week and I've noticed the outdoor training is getting cold so im digging out the long sleeved tops. The temperature drop didn't effect my speed though and my best pace of the session got to under 4 minute miles. I think it was when I had to sprint across the road so I didn't get run over, but I'll take that pace any day.

As this is mainly a summer route for me as there are no street lights on the route I wont be doing this one much more this year so I'll be going back to urban route running which has plenty on inclines and down hills not much rhythm running but it will be good to get more miles in my legs.

An average run for me, so I think its time I go to that new route I think my legs are used to running this route, I've got 2 half marathons left this yeah so I hope I can get in perfect condition for these races, so lets keep on running

Todays session

Duration 00 47 53
Distance 6 miles
Calories 834
Average HR 162BPM
Max HR 182BPM
Average Pace 07.57
Best Pace 03.47

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Brussels Running‏

I've running in Cyprus this year and now I've run in Brussels. Both have had some really interesting site on the routes, but the winner of this years award for "Best Running Location" goes to Brussels.

It was a great city run, from the hotel it was about a half a mile up hill loosener run to the fountain park and thats where I completed the distance session run. There was plenty to look at in the park from the wonderful fountain which have me some spray at the half way mark on each lap which was really refreshing just like that bloke with the hose pipe in Manorbier on half marathon at this years Long Ironman training weekend back in June.

The park had a large amount of runners in and it was great to see and not train alone like back at home, I must have past 1 bloke about 8 times and on each occasion he gave me the runners nod to say hi, which was great as he probably didn't speak English and I couldn't speak many words of French.

The other sites of the run included the US embassy and the Brussels house of parliament. These were enough to keep me distracted on my run.  The park looked like the paths had recently been replaced with new-ish clippings so your feet felt really sturdy and there was even a newly turfed section all the way around so if you liked running on grass you could be accommodated.

I've been thinking a lot recently about my next aim in the race area, Ironman, Half Ironman, Marathon I really don't know what direction to go in, I think I need to know I can run a marathon before I go the whole hog and go for the Ironman, but am I being a big girl and should I just go for the main event and go for the Ironman? Me and my wife are expecting our first child in December and I already know this will impact my training, I know most Ironman training plans need 9 months commitment, and with the new addition can I commit to it? If anyone can recommend a good marathon that's easy to get into and will be quiet enough for me to enjoy the race please let me know.

Back to the run session, it was a simple endurance run, a little longer than the norm as I had more time. The first 2 miles did hurt, and looking at the sites helped with distracting me but after that I found that happy place for running and clocked in Xxx miles and averaging 8.02 min mile pace. I ran a hard sprint session on Thursday night and I was still feeling it in my legs, and I was wearing my compression gear to help me recover quicker and it was working. I've been given some gear from the team at CompressportUK so I've got a gear review coming soon for them and all I can say now is WOW!

It was a hard session today my heart rate maxed at 168 BPM and averaged out at 160 BPM, which isnt very high but I did work hard to keep an decent pace.

 Maybe one day I'll run in Brussels again maybe I won't but I've really enjoyed the long weekend so if anyone is planning to go over there you can definitely take your running gear.

Todays session

Duration 01 02 16
Distance 7.52 miles
Calories 1056
Max HR 168BPM
Average HR 160BPM
Best Pace 06.11
Average Pace 08.02

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sprints Sessions Hurt, But A Nice Hurt

Is there such thing as a nice pain, I could feel the burn in my lungs and to top it off I had a awful stitch pain in my right side for 3 sets of the session and to try and reduce the pain I was taking deep breaths and holding my breath for as long as possible to keep the stretched, I also was try to stretch my side out but the other runners kept on telling me that I looked like a monkey or a tea pot so I only did it when I was out of sight.

Todays set was:

5 x 2min, 1min, 1min, 30sec, 30sec, 30sec

I completed this session at a high intensity and kept my heart rate high, I've done this session before but we only did 4 reps so we gained a level.

Todays session

Duration 01 02 27
Distance 5.91 miles
Calories 791
Average HR 167 BPM
Max HR 179 BPM
Average Pace 7.34
Max Pace 4.20

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Dark Bike Sprint Session

Its been a while since I've done this sprint session, I really need to work on my biking, I definitely dont so enough biking and its definitely going to effect my racing. I have decided that im going to purchase that turbo trainer but I cant see me affording it till next month after all these races at I've got planned till Christmas.

This is a simple session of bike sprints.

I managed 11 repartitions before my legs got to heavy to peddle, but I still had to peddle home all up hill may I add. I worked hard when I had to in the sprint sections, maxing out my heart rate at 162 BPM but my average heart rate was quite low at only 127 BPM.

This session is a lonely one, as you dont see many people, but its a nice place away from the traffic and you can cycle the racing line. I dont think I'll be able to do many of these after work from today as the nights are starting to get dark quite early which is a shame, but roll on the turbo training.

I managed a maximum speed of 27.8 MPH which is pretty quick for me on the flat, I wish I could go that quick in some of my races and on the sprint legs I was averaging over1.20 for the half mile distance.

Todays session

Duration 01 05 45
Distance 15.91 miles
Calories 910
Average HR 127BPM
Max HR 167 BPM
Average Speed 15.4MPH
Top Speed 27.8MPH

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dizzy Swimming

What a crap nights swim, I felt a little bit sluggish before I got in the pool, but I decided to go on anyway.I dont like training when I feel a little under the weather it only makes the training pain worse.

I've been trying to work on my body position in the water, as I've noticed im starting to drag my legs when im deep into my set, so I did some work with the pull buoy as a rest set. The set was:

1 x 1000 meters
1 x 500 meters pull buoy
1 x 300 meters - This is when I felt sick and dizzy so I got out the pool

I was really gutted I felt bad in the middle of the set and cut the session short, but I suppose that's what happens when you train when your not feeling 100%.

Todays session

Duration 00 45 00
Distance 1800 meters

Monday, 12 September 2011

Rain Stop Bike, Rain Brings Swim

The rain came and forced me in side, and I dont have a turbo trainer yet it was off to the pool for me.

A simple freestyle set - 2000 meters.

I had the pool all to myself and I think I'm going to start to bring my fins, paddles and floats to change the training program so watch this space.

Todays session

Duration 00 47 10
Distance 2000

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Old Route New Time (PB)

Its been a while since I've run this route, The last time I did was for the Ironman training weekend (Wales Half Marathon) and how different the weather was compared to today's lashing down rain and gale force winds.

I worked pretty hard on this session, so hard that I was a whole 7 minutes quicker than last time I did this run in December 2010.

I averaged out at the 8.19 minute mile pace, which im relatively happy about, I've got some half marathons scheduled for the end of the triathlon season so this is a great maker to see where I am. Lap 8 was the last up hill which I felt in the legs I pushed through and though of the home run which is down hill.

It was an nice early morning run aprt from the weather, the roads where all mine and the views down in pembrokeshire are amazing so you can focus on them which helps take the pain in your lungs away. I'd recommend this run to anyone and its one I'll be doing again.

Todays sesssion

Duration 01 23 23
Distance 10.01
Calories 1396
Average HR 159 BPM
Max HR 179 BPM
Average Pace 8.19
Best Pace 4.20

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Intervals To The Max

What a tough set tonight and we have been building up to it in recent weeks, its the last workout before Ironman Wales for some of the club members so I wish them luck and who knows I could be doing it next year? Well may be a half Ironman at least.

The set today was:

4 x 6min 98%, 3min 85% (Recovery)

This was a tough one and im glad I managed to keep a decent pace throughout, the last 2 recovery jogs were the toughest and on the last 6 minute rep I worked as hard as I did in the first, just shy of the mile marker. I reckon If I was give an extra 45 seconds I could hit the mile effort, but I was shattered and I'll sleep well tonight.

My heart rate maxed out at 181 BPM which is high for me and its shows I worked hard in the session, and I averaged out at 160 BPM which is also a high mark. I wonder if I'd get that high on the Ironman... I wish I'd stop contemplating doing this Ironman and just make my mind up or get my wife to make it up for me!

Todays session

Duration  01 11 06
Distance 6.03 miles
Calories 800
Average HR 160 BPM
Max HR 181 BPM
Average Pace 07.44
Best Pace 05.57

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Newton Motus = Motion Men's Performance Stability Trainer - Review

I have been lucky enough to be given a pair of the Newton Motus stability trainers from the lovely people at Newtons and all I can say is why have I been so late getting a pair of these trainers, they are excellent, possible the best I've ever worn. The Newton shoes promote a natural running technique, which is completable different to the standard running shoe so I was keen to give them a try out.

As soon as you open the box you see how good looking these trainers are, the unique design and colour scheme complement each other and add to the classy finish.

These trainers are really light, you would think these are a racing shoe, you expect a stability shoe to be pretty dense but these are far from it. The shoe has additional support on the base of the trainer, it is there to reduce impact on your muscle and joints and this is exactly what is does, since having these shoes my visits to my sports therapist has dramatically reduced. I used to really suffer with my calf muscles and since the switch these pains have completed dulled down, this can only be a good thing as it gives me less need for rest days and as my muscles feel great I can train for longer. There is also additional padding on the heel to save the pounding on your legs and there is no weight with this extra stability which is everything you need in a stability shoe. It did feel different when I first put the shoes on but after following Newton's simple rules (documentation in the box) I soon got used to the rubber "stud like" support of the shoes.

Training in the UK is mostly wet, so its important to have a shoe that can dry quickly, keep your feet dry and not smell and these Newtons pass the test with flying colours, The trainers are covered in wicker mesh which repels the water but it makes the shoes really breath-able to keep your feet cool/. The mesh it tight enough to keep your foot in a stable position so there is no movement inside the shoe which is brilliant as there is no chance of blisters. The shoes do come up a little small so you need to make sure you follow there measurement requirements on their site to get the best fit. The trainers are really quick to dry, as I would run first thing in the morning and in the afternoons and the trainers would be dry for each session.

The Motus are a very comfortable trainer, I found myself wearing them for running as well as leisure time wearing. I went for a training week in Cyprus and wore them for recovery as well as interval training sessions and they were excellent. A totally different atmosphere and a totally different test for me on a pair of trainers, and once again they did me proud. Running in 37'c heat, my feet felt great, no effects from the heat, no additional moister in the shoes, the ideal training session.

Newton have created one of the, if not the best stability trainers on the market, its a great looking trainer and passes all the tests I threw at it with flying colours. I comfortably made the switch to more natural training shoe with no discomfort and I would recommend it to anyone, and I cant see myself going back to a conventional shoe again.

I feel now I am ready to use these shoes in my next long distance race which is Cardiff half marathon and I can say for sure I will have one less worry one the day as I know my feet will cope fine with the distance.

I think I found a trainer for life so I just hope Newton keep producing such a great product.

Find them here at Newton's web site.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Back Running In The Welsh Rain

I'm back home and back to my training. How different is this to the Cyprus session!

Back with a run in the cold and wet, an enjoyable run but a cold one.

After a long flight last night I decided to take it easy on the session, It was the normal route and just 6 miles, so nothing massive.

I was only averaging a 8 minute mile pace which is fine for my first run back home, and it was going to be a loosener run. It was nice to get back and feel the cold air on my lungs and feel the rain in my face.

I need to start changing the 6 mile runs to 8 miles, but I also need to stop doing so much running and do more swimming and cycling.

I managed to get an average of 156 BPM for the session which is what I planned for, and a max heart rate of 174 BPM which was higher than I planned, but it was in the last mile which is all up hill.

Weather dependant I hope to get out on the bike tomorrow otherwise its a swim.

Todays session

Duration 00 48 05
Distance 6 Miles
Calories 838
Average HR 154 BPM
Max HR 174 BPM
Average Pace 07.55
Best Pace 04.26

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cyprus Training - Last Day Last Swim

The last day of my holiday has arrived and it has been brilliant to get away and train at the same time. This has been the first holiday that I have "properly" continued with my training and I've really enjoyed it. I am off to Brussels next month and I'm already looking where to run when im out there.

I decided to swim on my last day and in my mind I wanted to get to the 2500 meter distance, but I missed out on the final 500 meters.

Roll on my next holiday so I can get my trainers used to the Brussels ground!

Todays session

Duration 00 44 02
Distance 2000 meters

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Cyprus Training - Swimming Drag

A sluggish swim today, it was hard work grinding out the distance today, the pool was really warm and not really refreshing. I still can't count the lengths so I'm still on the pool mate.

The masses has left the pool by 5pm so I was lucky enough to have to pool to myself.

I knew todays session was going to be hard from the start, it was one of the days where nothing was going to click. My arms were all over the place and my lack of lick meant it felt like I was leaving my waist and ankles behind me dragging along.

Todays set was a simple swim of:

1 x 2200 meters

After the 1500 meter mark I high about getting out and finishing the set there, but I was eager to finish the set on a high-ish note and get some decent meterage in before we leave back for Wales on Sunday. I'm sure I'll have time tomorrow to get some more meters in it the pool is quiet tomorrow before we have to leave.

I had aimed to complete 2500 meters but fell short..maybe my next session will be 2500m.

Todays session

Duration 00 51 13
Distance 2200 meters

Friday, 2 September 2011

Cyprus Training - Water I Need Water

Wow! That was one hot run! As I had my rest day yesterday I was keen to get out there and get a hard work out completed... And that's what I did.

I did an endurance run which was:

5 x (5mins 95% & 3mins 80% recovery)

Endurance run it was, it was boiling and it felt like each 5 minute set was getting longer, and each 3 minute recovery set was getting short and I'm sure my clothes.. well my race bib was getting heavier as I was sweating loads. I kept on running past the same bloke on each set and he was watering his plants and its times like these o wish I spoke Greek as I was dying for him to spray the hose on me to cool me off!

I've never run in such heat before so it was nice to experience what a race in typical hot climates is like and I think if I was lucky enough to race abroad I would have to go to the location a week before hand to acclimatise and also to make it a long holiday too.

To finish the set I got into the pool for a cool down and it was like having a ice bath compared to standing around in the heat, it even took my breath away but it was an amazing recovery feeling to get in instant cooling all over my body.

Todays session

Duration 00 36 26
Distance 4.62 miles
Calories 653
Average HR 163 BPM
Max HR 179 BPM
Average Pace 08.09
Best Pace 05.44

Ironman Wales 2016 - Race Report

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