Friday, 12 August 2011

The Water Is Getting Colder

Once again we were forced into the little lake as there was some bloke speeding around on his jet ski and didn't look like he was coming out and to top things off we have a massive 26 turn out for the session. You can tell Ironman Wales in nearly here, everyone it trying to get there miles in before the event.

This weeks session was a simple one, laps. I'm starting to swim further and further which is my aim but after about 2000 meters my stroke starts to take a wobble. I know im getting tired so this is effecting it, but I am concentrating really hard to keep pointing in the stroke and bring my elbow up high and this is definitely helping me, as its stopping me crossing my arms across my bodying creating drag, as im pointing and pulling this is creating the complete opposite and its giving me more speed.. which is always a help!

We did a mass start all 26 and ir felt like a race situation, so sighting was very important as I didn't fancy a smack in the face like my one last races, so I was very vigilant on swinging arms. The groups soon split up, the fast swimmers left us for dust and we were split into groups of 2 and 3's. I was pacing myself nicely and was swimming on the feet of the people in front of me, so I hope they weren't pulling me along to much.

On the last lap, at the top of the lake I saw a massive fish, at the bottom of the lake bed, it looked a good foot long, it freaked me out a bit, I'm alot better now when swimming in the lake and the fear of seeing the bottom of the lake has long gone, I did watch the film Piranha the other night and I thought that may give me the creeps when swimming the lake but im still swimming and going strong.

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 3000

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