Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tapered Intervals

This is my final session with Celtic Tri before race day on Sunday, I didn't want to miss this session as I really enjoy them. We did the normal warm up session and work on our explosive muscle groups in our legs with some sprints, and some drills to work on our calf muscles.

The session was 6 x 3 mins 80% 2 mins 70% (Recovery) - The percentages were low due to the tapering.

I definitely took the foot off the gas for this session and at eh end of the session I had plenty left in the tank which was great as normally im nearly maxed out. After doing some light jogging and stretches we do some explosive work, which involved sprints im really happy that I still have my sprinting left in my legs and in the drill at this session you have 6 seconds to get up as far as you can up a hill on the roadside, the only bad thing is if there is only a small group the further you go the less time you have to recover and get back down the bottom before its your go again. As this was a light session I only managed 0.4 for a mile in 3 minutes, I know I can work harder than this so next weeks session should be more interesting on the statistic front. I kept a running 2 minutes recovery so my heart rate remained in the training zone.

In the whole session my heart rate never dropped below 140BPM so this is still in my training zone so I still push out a quality set. I didn't run as far as the normal session, as it was only 30 minutes long. I managed to keep a consistence pace and speed through the session which has put me in ideal shape for racing.

I'm now having Friday and Saturday off as race prep, maybe a few stretches but that's probably about it.

Todays session

Duration 00 52 01
Distance 4.88 miles
Calories 654
Average HR 150 BPM
Max HR 150BPM
Average Pace 07.55
Best Pace 05.59

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