Sunday, 21 August 2011

Pembrokeshire Tri Go Series - Tenby

I was praying for sunshine and guess what it came!

After 2 days off I was ready to race, my alarm was set for 5:45 and I woke about 10 minutes before it went off. I got up and followed my standard process and today I managed to eat my breakfast, no pre race nerves, and breakfast was a packet of malt loaf.

My swim heat was starting at 8:25 so I arrived at the race at 7:30 to set up my transition, plenty of room to set up the bike and plenty of room for my trainers and bike shoes. I checked in the ins and outs for the transitioning and I know it cheeky and against the rules but I put a bit of talc on the floor in front of my bike so it was easy to spot coming out of the swim. I striped off and was in my tri suit ready to race.

As it was a pool swim it was a phased start the slower times going in first and then building up to the fast lot, I had a decent swim, I went out a little to fast, I had the open water in front of me so I had no pacer, I soon found a rhythm and caught my breath back and was happy in my stroke. The nice time keeper put the float in the water for me to let me know I had 50 meters left, I upped my speed for the last 25 meters and out I got, jog around the pool and out the fire exit door towards transition. Off with my hat and goggles and ive become pretty streamline with the socks on routine, next season im investing in some racers, fingers crossed I may get some cheap ones at the end of the season. I slipped into my bike shoes, helmet, race belt and shade and off I went. The results dont have individual transition times, they have included in the discipline time, so I may also invest in a cheap timex Ironman watch to check these times out.

You come out of transition, straight into a up hill climb, which seemed to go on forever, the majority of the bike ride was up hill, a very tough ride. I know my cycling needs work, I've been told I dont do enough on the bike so thats going to be my main area to work on before my next race. Even though im going to Cyprus next week so all I will be doing is swimming and running the bike will have to wait for my return. I over took 2 people and I was overtaken by 2 people, the road surface was pretty greases so traction was a big issue on the last down hill, I managed to cram in a PoweBar gel on the only flat of the course which I think I needed, I drank half my bike bottle to on the route. I came in on the bike, racked my bike, trainers on, turned my race belt around and off I went.

They could of done with some chalk lines on the floor to direct athletes as the poor marshal must of lost his voice by the end of the race as he was shouting to everyone "This way, around the cones and out".

The run started flat and then went up hill, you dont needs a hill first thing off the bike, I didn't have to heavy legs or jelly legs, I kicked on up the hill and chased 2 more people down, I passed a water station manned by 2 children congratulating me on my race which was great to hear and see. Head down and onto the final straight for the finish line.

I really enjoyed this race, and if it goes ahead next year I will definitely considered doing this one. One thing that I have learnt is that I need to work on the bike, my run and swim times were pretty competative and out oft the 100 entries I finished 29th which im happy with as my target time was 1 hour 15 minutes and I managed to beat that by 4 mins and 23 seconds. I will make Monday my rest day and get out training for my next race.

Todays session

Duration 01 10 37
Distance 400 meter swim, 12.5 mile bike, 3 mile run

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