Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ouch My Shoulder

After last weeks swim still in my head, I remember as the water was so cold and went you leave the house your all up for the swim and when you arrive at the session you see eh water and you think.. Do I really want to get in. There are only 2 more club session in the lake left this season, also as Ironman Wales will be done and dusted I can see the numbers for this session dropping, so I'll be back to the pool.

We started tonights session with a light swim around one of the buoys to get familiar with the water temperature, when I put my face under the it took my breath completely away, now this was cold.. really cold. I think it would be warmer swimming in the sea. After the warm up the sets were called, on the first lap we would work on our sprints and the second lap would be a standard swim lap.

We were split into groups of 3 for the first lap, I definitely noticed the difference in speed when I was sprinting I tend to have only one speed when I swim but I really surprised myself last night, but when I upped the pace my direction went out the window I must of cut up loads of people. At eh end of the buoys we had to do a wider ark and then turn for home.I obvious went out to fast on the sprint I was shattered by the turn for home and I had  a nasty niggle in my shoulder, I carried on and tried to swim though it and hoped it went away. I managed to stay on the feet of the other 2 swimmers I set off with, they were fast swimmers for me so I was chuffed I tagged along for the ride.

The second lap was a mass start and I soon found myself at the back, I was really concentrating on my arm movements on this lap, speed wasn't an issue just remain focused on my arms. I managed to pass some of the group but after swimming half a lap I found myself tiring rapidly and this effected my kick and my stroke, I was putting efforts in to chase down the reaming group and the focus had shifted from my arms as my shoulder was still hurting, to getting out as quick as I could as 1, I was cold and 2 I was tired and the final one I was hungry. I'm turning into a right moaner!

I finished the lap with some disappointment as I felt I had struggled on my second lap and I'd run out of time to do a third (but there was no chance of me doing a third my shoulder was hurting by the end even to take of my wetsuit)

Only 1 more open water session left for me at the lakes and I hope I finish on a high.

Todays session

Duration 00 55 00
Distance 2600 meters

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