Thursday, 4 August 2011

New Shoes New Time

What a great run I had in this session- You know those runs you have when everything seems to click and nothing is tweaking, hurting, twinging.. well this was one of them and it felt GREAT!

Garmin connect have tried to upgrade there service but its been rolled back so all there new great new ideas have rolled back to the previous state which is a shame. Here is a screen shot of my whole run from the player function - Click on it and the it goes to a larger image.

I'm now clocking in under 7 minute miles, which I never though was possible for me but my running is going strength to strength and all I need to work on now is to get an average pace of under 7 minutes an getting closer all the time.

The last mile is still catching me out as its all up hill, but its getting quicker, im a 5 minutes quicker than my last time I did this route, which is very quick and all I can put it down to my new powerbar purchases and easting my lunch in 4 sittings rather than one. Its definitely working so I'll continue doing it.

The roads were really quiet on the run, so the road was mine, and I made good use of it by blasting out my personal best for the route.  I wore compression socks again as this is still helping me recovery quicker I think I need to invest in some more as my current ones are starting to loosen off, but not to worry winter will still be here and I'll be back in my compression skins.

I'm running in my Newtons still, what a cracking pair of shoes they have sent me to review (which will be coming up shortly) they are very different from any other trainer I've used before.. There amazing.

That sports massage I had on my legs has worked a treat I hope I can get some more soon!

Todays session

Duration 00 44 26
Distance 6 miles
Calories 838
Average HR 163BPM
Max HR 181BPM
Average Pace 07.24
Best Pace 02.46 - Surely not!

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