Thursday, 25 August 2011

More Biking Required

This was the first time on the bike since Sundays race, and I really enjoyed getting back in the saddle, I was really disappointed with my ride in the Tenby GoTri event so I'm really keen move my biking forward like my other discipline.

I had decided my route, but I wanted to make sure I stayed of for an hour session on the bike, and I managed to get in just under 20 miles. I'm going to start training on the bike by time and not distance for a bit so I can get used to being out for long durations and not worry about distance. Get my legs used to it I think will be the main objective.

I did 2 laps of a route I knew and it had a mixture of flats, up hills and down hills an nice challenge for a school night. I managed to get a top speed of 33 MPH, but still my average speed is quite low, averaging out at just 15.9 MPH, the group I'd like to join up with in the week are averaged 16-20 MPH so a few more weeks of hard pushing for me before I join them.

Some of the ride was into a slight headwind so I think this didn't help my average speed but I suppose I nee to peddle harder and stop making excuses. It was a lovely evening for cycling, im trying to get out on the bike every evening before I leave for holiday, as that will be a week without the bike as I will only have the pool and runs available to me.

I did work hard on the route, but I did finish with some more in the tank, and If I had thought about I should have done a brick session, which a run at the end of it. I did have cold feet by the end of the session so I may be in the market for some overshoes. I hit a max heart rate of 172 BPM which is high for me on the bike so I must of worked hard, but this was on the first hill of the evening.

Todays session

Duration 01 12 26
Distance 19.06 miles
Calories 1255
Average HR 137 BPM
Max HR 172 BPM
Average Speed 15.9 MPH
Max Speed 33.2 MPH

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