Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Just Keep Pointing

Back in the big lake this week and another large attendance with the club swim, which is great to see. The water was nice and warm and very flat which makes an open water swim that little bit easier, but it still managed to take my breath away when I let some water down the neck of my wetsuit.

We warmed up and acclimatised by swimming around the closest buoys in groups and back, I was once again not quick enough to sit with the fast group but I was to fast for the slower group so I ended up swimming alot of the session on my own, I must worked harder to get on the feet of the faster group but to do this I need to sort out my arms in the stroke.

If I concentrated to much on my hands, I forgot about my elbow angles, and If I concentrated on them, I forgot to breath on each stroke and it that wasn't bad enough I could see the bottom of the lake in places so this caused me to panic breath so it went completely wrong on some parts of the lap! BUT some parts of the swim all of the above clicked and I felt like a pro... not for long though!

On my lap of the lake the coach commented on my fingers, I need to point them more to keep my stroke straight as this will also help with my sighting. Keep them pointed and it will stop my arm from swinging and crossing my body which is making resistance, which makes me go slower. If I can sort this then I think im there as my (little) kick is fine.

My suit did rub my neck quite a bit in this session, I dont know why it hasn't for some time, I used body glide and I had my rash vest on underneath so I'll need to look into that before my next race, Perhaps I didn't have it on correctly, but I felt I had more freedom in my arms for the stroke so god knows what's going on?

Todays session

Duration 00 50 00
Distance 2750 meters

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