Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hour Sprint Session On Me Bike

 I woke up early this morning to a dark, dull and wet looking morning, I had planned a long ride, but how hard it rained last night the roads looked greasy and I was sure the heavens would open again when I was out, so I didn't fancy being out soaked through and being hours away from home. I decided upon completing a hour sprint session, as I said in my last bike post im going to do session on time based for a while, get my body used to being out for long duration, so today it was only an hour but a tough hour none the less.

I completed a bike sprint session about a month ago and completed 10 reps of sprints and I remember being shattered at the end of 10, so I wanted to beat that as I think I've moved on since then.. only a little though. I managed to get 14 reps in this morning and I did my quickest time and max speed on the last set. I found the first couple quite hard to get a rhythm and I remember my heart rate going quite high on the first 2 reps. My average speed for the session was 16.7 MPH, but this included a recovery set averaging about 3 minutes and then a flat out sprint for a minute and a half.

It was nice and quite on the stretch road, it was all mine, no one around thank god, after looking at the ride map people would have had de ja vou watching me going around the roundabouts 28 times. It was a really enjoy able session, one I need to introduce more often if im going to get better on the bike sessions in races.

And If I didnt work hard enough on the session I had to finish going up hill to get home!

It made my legs hurt more!

It was cold on the bike this morning though, so I may need to invest in some over shoes pretty soon, but not next week! Roll on Cyprus, report back in a week.

Todays session

Duration 01 13 05
Distance 19.43 miles
Calories 1190
Average HR 129 BPM
Max HR 173 BPM
Average Speed 16.7 MPH
Max Speed 29.6 MPH

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