Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Great Brick But a Wet Brick

After my long ride on Saturday morning, I still had tired legs, so I decided to turn Sunday into a rest day. I know it wasnt planned but I hadnt fully recovered so I though it would be best to rest.

As I was fully recovered I decided to complete a brick session, I haven't completed one for a while so I decided it was going to be a bike run brick. I knew the route I wanted to do, I just hope the weather would hold out for, it was sunny when I left the house but when I got home from the run it was a different story.

This was a PB for the 10 mile route, and its been a while since i did that route, my legs are definitely getting stronger and I can peddle flat out for a lot longer from when I first started on the bike and I think that's down to the North Wales triathlon, that was a killer, up hill and into the wind. There were a few hills on the 10 mile route but nothing to steep, but I still only managed a average speed of 15 MPH. This needs to be closer to 20 MPH if I want to cycling with a more advanced group, so I need to get out more on the bike and start to work that little bit harder.

I averaged out on at 135 BPM which isn't particularly high for one of my workouts, but as I said a PB for the route and I didn't want to burn out as I had a 4 to 5 mile run planned. I did an extra loop on the last mile to top the route up to 10.5 miles, I did the last to climbs to home, unclipped my shoes, run down the garden path, through the front door, dumped the bike and changed my shoes and off I went again. My legs felt great for just getting off the bike and there was no "jelly leg" feeling, I made sure I ran the first mile hard to try and shake out any effects from the bike, I ran it that hard I did a under 7 minute mile.. off the bike! WOW!

This was a great run off the bike, I worked hard and averaged out under 8 minute miles, which is really quick for me, and it felt like I hadn't even done 10 miles previous on the bike. The last mile, it did hit me, the fatigue and the driving rain, I had my Oakleys on so when people were driving past they must of thought.. what is that lad doing is the lashing down rain with sun glasses on!, well it was sunny when I left the house.

I managed to max out at 169 BPM on the run, which once again isn't to high for me on a run, but it felt great and I had enough I think in the tank to carry on, my pace dropped but I dont mind as I need to break down the barrier and not go out so fast and pace myself if I want to compete in an Ironman, but as im only doing sprint and Olympic distance this year I can go flat out from the start... well sort of anyway.

Todays session

Duration 01 15 18
Distance 14.90 miles (10.50 bike - 4.40 run)
Calories 1332

Average Speed 15.6 MPH
Max Speed 34.3 MPH
Average HR 135 BPM
Max HR 156 BPM

Average Pace 07.31
Best Pace 04.39
Average HR 161 BPM
Max HR 169 BPM

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