Thursday, 25 August 2011

Explosive Energy And Endurance Intervals

I got home from work late so I didn't have a chance to get a quick turbo meal in so I turned to me trusty energy supplement Orbana. For those who dont know its a cracking product, no crashes, no upset stomach, exactly what you need pre exercise. Check it out HERE

We started the session with a gentle warm up and simple and dynamic stretches. This then led us onto a sprint session up hill too!

It really enjoy sprint session, it takes me back to my rugby days where we used to a similar drill but it involved pulling tyres and you best mate on your back, so im really happy its just me sprint now, no additional weight as this is hard enough. I managed to get up the hill the same distance each time so I made sure I worked hard on each sprint, but not to hard as we still had a endurances set to complete.

The set was 5 x (4 minutes 98%, 3 minutes 80% Jog recovery), this is a tough set and one that tests the lungs, it was important to keep jogging in the recovery period so you keep your heart rate up and it does drop out of that all important training zone as it will within 3 minutes of walking.

I was really please with my 4 minute max intervals as I averaged over 0.6 of a mile each time and I worked hard and the time/distance shows my performance never dipped from 1 to 5, as in session 5 I went the furthest, but my heart rate went the highest in this interval too.

I managed to clock in 4.72 miles in this endurance session alone and this was the furthest I can remember ever doing in a 35 minute set. I managed to keep up with the Ironman of the group for the session but he looked in far better shape to me by the end of the session.

I also managed to keep an average of under 7.30 minute miles through the session and got to a top minute mile pace of 5.23 and considering this was an endurance set that was great pacing. I will look to joining the club at track sessions on a Wednesday going forward as it was recommended to me if I want to get some pacing into my runs. I dont think distance is an issue for me at the moment but I'd like to be able to change gear and pick up my pace during these long runs. I've got 1 more run left to complete before holiday and that will probably been in the rain then im off to sunny climates for runs in the 20'c plus so I cant wait. I'll also got one more long bike ride and I really need to work on that area too so I hope to get 60 miles in if I can.

Todays session

Duration 01 11 12
Distance 6.31 Miles
Calories 847
Average HR 161 BPM
Max HR 179 BPM
Average Pace 07.18
Best Pace 05.23

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