Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Cyprus Training - Swim In The Sunshine

After yesterdays run I was going to complete a bit of swimming, its too hot for this running malarkey! (Even though I'll probably run tomorrow).

I did a simple set today:

1 x 2000m

I had a empty pool a completely different experience to the other day, I used my Poolmate again as there was no chance I was counting 100 laps out I struggle to count to 10 in the pool. If anyone was watching me swim tonight they surely thought this lad is nuts and he's making me dizzy.

Today was the furthest I had swam in a pool before and it felt completely different to this distance I swim in open water and before today I thought  I'd never swim that far in one hit in the pool so I was pleasantly surprised and also its completely different to doing it in a tri wetsuit.

It's a good job my predators (goggles) are mirrored with a tint in as when I turned to breathe the sun was there glaring into my eyes and face so it saved me squinting every time I wanted to breathe.

Todays session

Duration 00 44 14
Distance 2000 meters

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