Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cyprus Training - Holiday Rain?

Second day of the holiday and I had planned to get up early and get in an interval session before it was to hot and the sun was to high, but as I'm on holiday so a lie in won!

After spending 6 hours by the pool, chilling out listening to my iPod I thought it was time I got up and went out for the run I had planned to do at 8am this morning. The breeze had picked up and the temp has dropped (slightly) ideal for a holiday run.

I chose a nice interval session:

6 x (2min 98%, 1min 80%, 1min 98%, 30secs 80%, 30secs 98%, 30secs 80%)

I did a mile warm up and scope out the area, well I went looking for a supermarket and a bar and I think I found them, I turned and came back to start my session. The state of the roads out here are shockingly bad, an I think this made my run even harder, but I just ran through it to get to the end of the hot session and I even managed a best pace of 05.42 per mile!

Tomorrow may be a swim day, it depends on the weather, as it just started RAINING! Typical Welsh weather, not Cyprus weather!

Todays session

Duration 00 43 11
Distance 5.26 miles
Calories 728
Average HR 165BPM
Max HR 177BPM
Average Pace 07.43
Best Pace 05.42

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  1. Lol. We honeymooned in Cyprus and it chucked it down all week :) And my husband managed to navigate me into a minefield.


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