Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Brrrrrr Its Still Getting Colder

You can tell winter is coming, the water is definitely getting colder and the wetsuit isn't thick enough to keep me warm. I know I should swim faster to generate more heat and if I swim quicker, the further I go in the hour session.

The session was a simple swim this week, as the Ironman Wales 2011 date is getting closer and all people want to do is get the mileage in, I dont blame them I'd be the same.

We started on time this week and we were straight into the large lake, and swimming around the edge, I'm definitely over my phobia of seeing the lake floor, its quite interesting seeing the bottom, but I dont like the reeds touching my hands sometimes.. Yuk!

At the end of my first lap of the bigger lake , I could see our coach trying to get our attention, we had to get out the lake, no it wasn't a shark attack or any kind of threat! We had to make way for 2 jet skiers.

So, we had to get out the big lake and straight into the smaller lake, and this was even colder, I got straight in and got my face under the water, "Ouch" It was freezing and under my eyes started to hurt straight away, I manned up and by half way around the small lake I couldn't feel my face so I put every effort possible into my shoulders and sprinted the last 200 meters for as long as possible. I got out as quick as I could and got out my wetsuit. A hard swim in this session, a shorter distance but the temperature made the session... Winter is nearly here and the open water sessions will soon be over.. boo hoo!.

Todays session

Duration 00 50 00
Distance 2150 meters

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