Sunday, 7 August 2011

Aero Bars And Costal Views

As I had a rest day on Friday I was ready to get out there on the bike, I had planned to do a new ride which upped my mileage to 50, 10 more than my last long ride. I'm really enjoying the road bike and I cant wait to get out there again.

On my last ride I ran out of water about 10 miles from home, so I went out and bought a new cage for the bike, and put on another bottle. I also have been given some aero bars to try out, and I tell you what they were amazing and there the reason I ended up doing more miles than I planned. I spent 80% of the ride on them, I found it pretty easy to get my balance on them, so there was no stopping me. As I was borring them from a friend I want to keep them in the best conditional possible, so when I thought I lost a part of them I was really worried. About half way through the ride I hear a little pop, and as I was going up hill I though nothing of it, and after cycling 10 miles down the road I had noticed one of the rubber bar ends from teh bars had fallen out, so I turned arround and went back for it, I cycled down and back up the hill and couldnt find it, so I hopped off the bike, stopped the Garmin and walked down the hill and I only bloody found it! The bit that went missing is squared below its about 3 cm!

But enough of that, more about the ride. It was 7 am went I got out the door and it wasn't raining, the weather man had got it right, so I was keen to get going before the rain came. I packed the Oakleys just in case the sun made an appearance. I've only got dark tinted glassed for my Oakleys, so I need to invest in so light enhancing lenses as the sun never shines in Wales. The roads were all mind on the way out, I have a few climbs on the way out and a pretty steep one about 12 miles in so stayed in the saddle for as long as possible, I managed to complete 90% of the climb, but on the last 10% I got out the saddle and it felt good, a good burn.

After this main climb, it was mainly full of small hills to the half way point. The roads were still very quiet, a few delivery vans, a few tractors and a few caravans that was it.... oh and a few cyclists that gave me the "nod" on the way past.

When I arrived at the turn point, I munched on one of my new PowerBar energy bars and a gel, took a snap and I turned around for home.

After making my way back, I decide to extend my route by going right to the next coastal village, the same place I went last weekend, only an extra 4 or so miles, before clicking that I had lost the aero bar part so I had to go back for it which made me have an extra 5 miles I hadn't banked on. I stopped the Garmin for the search party and forgot to put it to go again until 8 miles down the road... a right mess up, hence the straight line on the map!

I did work hard on the bike, but when I got home I felt like I could go hard and further so I need to plan a further route ASAP maybe for next weekend or I may just stay and 50-60 for now, but I need to work beating this time. I did get to 166BPM for to to hardest climbs of the day but I did average out at 137 BPM, which is still about Zone 3-4 for me.

My speed did vary quite a bit in this session, but it always does on the bike, but I do think I was faster over some of the route than I was last time, I do think it was down to the aero bars also I didn't feel any cross winds on the route which will also help my speed.

All in all a very enjoyable ride, one I will look forward to completing again, even though I said I could go on, harder, and further im sure my legs will disagree on Sunday and I may be forced to have the day off.

Todays session

Duration 03 28 14
Distance 52.17 miles
Calories 3100
Average HR 137BPM
Max HR 166BPM
Average Pace 14.7 MPH
Top Speed 36.7 MPH

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