Friday, 5 August 2011

8 Steps and 4 Hills

Who does a warm up on hills.. we do! After our streching and light jogging we started the session with some hill sprints 15 seconds up hill and and then back down.. we did this 8 reps then then the proper session started.

The session was a tough one, 8 x 2 mins 95%, 2 mins 80 Recovery jog, It was really important that it was a jog for this session and not a half walk, half jog like past session and I completed this task from the coach.

I kept the same pace throughout the whole session, which was my main aim, I managed to clock over 0.30 in each 2 minute 95% session, which is great pacing (about 7 minute mile pace). There was a slight breeze running one way in the session which definitely effected my speed, but it I didnt mind as it keep me cool.

I got into my training zone each time and the graph shows that after the intense 2 minutes my heart rate recovers pretty quickly which was great as I could give it all in my 2 minute 95% sets. In this session I managed to total my furthest distance to date, over 5 miles, this has definitely been a week for personal bests.

No snakes this week but I did use Orbana again before the session and it is a really good product, something I would recommend to any athlete, its easy to drink and definitely works, so give it a try

Todays session

Duration 01 02 10
Distance 5.38 miles
Calories 709
Average HR 159BPM
Max HR 176BPM
Average Pace 7.37
Best Pace 4.40

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