Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Cyprus Training - Swim In The Sunshine

After yesterdays run I was going to complete a bit of swimming, its too hot for this running malarkey! (Even though I'll probably run tomorrow).

I did a simple set today:

1 x 2000m

I had a empty pool a completely different experience to the other day, I used my Poolmate again as there was no chance I was counting 100 laps out I struggle to count to 10 in the pool. If anyone was watching me swim tonight they surely thought this lad is nuts and he's making me dizzy.

Today was the furthest I had swam in a pool before and it felt completely different to this distance I swim in open water and before today I thought  I'd never swim that far in one hit in the pool so I was pleasantly surprised and also its completely different to doing it in a tri wetsuit.

It's a good job my predators (goggles) are mirrored with a tint in as when I turned to breathe the sun was there glaring into my eyes and face so it saved me squinting every time I wanted to breathe.

Todays session

Duration 00 44 14
Distance 2000 meters

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cyprus Training - Holiday Rain?

Second day of the holiday and I had planned to get up early and get in an interval session before it was to hot and the sun was to high, but as I'm on holiday so a lie in won!

After spending 6 hours by the pool, chilling out listening to my iPod I thought it was time I got up and went out for the run I had planned to do at 8am this morning. The breeze had picked up and the temp has dropped (slightly) ideal for a holiday run.

I chose a nice interval session:

6 x (2min 98%, 1min 80%, 1min 98%, 30secs 80%, 30secs 98%, 30secs 80%)

I did a mile warm up and scope out the area, well I went looking for a supermarket and a bar and I think I found them, I turned and came back to start my session. The state of the roads out here are shockingly bad, an I think this made my run even harder, but I just ran through it to get to the end of the hot session and I even managed a best pace of 05.42 per mile!

Tomorrow may be a swim day, it depends on the weather, as it just started RAINING! Typical Welsh weather, not Cyprus weather!

Todays session

Duration 00 43 11
Distance 5.26 miles
Calories 728
Average HR 165BPM
Max HR 177BPM
Average Pace 07.43
Best Pace 05.42

Monday, 29 August 2011

Cyprus Training - Hot Pool Swim

First day of the holiday and after lying in the sun all day and chilling I thought I best get some training in.

It was hot.. Really hot so the only thing I could do was get a swim in. We've got a 20 meter pool at the resort and it's relatively quiet so I decided a simple set of:

5 x 200m & 2 x 500m

I managed to complete the first 1000m hassle free, pool to myself not a rubber ring in sight. After each 200 meters I did a one and a half minute recovery and set off again. I was lucky enough to borrow my mates Poolmate for holiday to try out, which is a good job really as I totally lost count on numerous occasions, to be fair I forget most times so it was nice to have the backup of the watch.

Then I started to 2 x 500's and it was like a pool party had erupted everyone wanted some pool action, well everyone being 4 people, and all 4 had to get in the way and I was completing "S" bends in the pool very annoying as they could see I was doing a lane swim, I was out the way as far as possible, well they didn't last long in the water and for the last 500 meter I was left alone to complete.

That was my first holiday session over and done with, it was hot, but I can see my run being even hotter tomorrow morning.

Best get the water intake up!

Todays session

Duration 00 58 00
Distance 2000 meters

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hour Sprint Session On Me Bike

 I woke up early this morning to a dark, dull and wet looking morning, I had planned a long ride, but how hard it rained last night the roads looked greasy and I was sure the heavens would open again when I was out, so I didn't fancy being out soaked through and being hours away from home. I decided upon completing a hour sprint session, as I said in my last bike post im going to do session on time based for a while, get my body used to being out for long duration, so today it was only an hour but a tough hour none the less.

I completed a bike sprint session about a month ago and completed 10 reps of sprints and I remember being shattered at the end of 10, so I wanted to beat that as I think I've moved on since then.. only a little though. I managed to get 14 reps in this morning and I did my quickest time and max speed on the last set. I found the first couple quite hard to get a rhythm and I remember my heart rate going quite high on the first 2 reps. My average speed for the session was 16.7 MPH, but this included a recovery set averaging about 3 minutes and then a flat out sprint for a minute and a half.

It was nice and quite on the stretch road, it was all mine, no one around thank god, after looking at the ride map people would have had de ja vou watching me going around the roundabouts 28 times. It was a really enjoy able session, one I need to introduce more often if im going to get better on the bike sessions in races.

And If I didnt work hard enough on the session I had to finish going up hill to get home!

It made my legs hurt more!

It was cold on the bike this morning though, so I may need to invest in some over shoes pretty soon, but not next week! Roll on Cyprus, report back in a week.

Todays session

Duration 01 13 05
Distance 19.43 miles
Calories 1190
Average HR 129 BPM
Max HR 173 BPM
Average Speed 16.7 MPH
Max Speed 29.6 MPH

Friday, 26 August 2011

Friday Feeling Run

As I had Monday as my rest day I needed to get out and get a run in before the weekend. As Friday is normally my rest day it felt quite funny getting out there and I think my legs knew this. I wanted to keep it simple and just get a light run in. I decided to go for 6 miles and the normal route.

From the times above I definately took it easier than normal, as I was clocking in over 8 minute miles, which is fine as I had a hard session Thursday and this was meant to be a gentle session. I averaged a heart rate only at 152 BPM but this is still well in my training zone, the session was all about getting my legs getting used to going out, when they are still tired.

This was my last run in the UK for a week as im off on holiday on Sunday, I wonder how hard its going to be running 20'c heat.. no underarmour for me!

Todays session

Duration 00 48 38
Distance 6 Miles
Calories 834
Average HR 152 BPM
Max HR 167 BPM
Average Pace 08.03
Best Pace 05.51

Thursday, 25 August 2011

More Biking Required

This was the first time on the bike since Sundays race, and I really enjoyed getting back in the saddle, I was really disappointed with my ride in the Tenby GoTri event so I'm really keen move my biking forward like my other discipline.

I had decided my route, but I wanted to make sure I stayed of for an hour session on the bike, and I managed to get in just under 20 miles. I'm going to start training on the bike by time and not distance for a bit so I can get used to being out for long durations and not worry about distance. Get my legs used to it I think will be the main objective.

I did 2 laps of a route I knew and it had a mixture of flats, up hills and down hills an nice challenge for a school night. I managed to get a top speed of 33 MPH, but still my average speed is quite low, averaging out at just 15.9 MPH, the group I'd like to join up with in the week are averaged 16-20 MPH so a few more weeks of hard pushing for me before I join them.

Some of the ride was into a slight headwind so I think this didn't help my average speed but I suppose I nee to peddle harder and stop making excuses. It was a lovely evening for cycling, im trying to get out on the bike every evening before I leave for holiday, as that will be a week without the bike as I will only have the pool and runs available to me.

I did work hard on the route, but I did finish with some more in the tank, and If I had thought about I should have done a brick session, which a run at the end of it. I did have cold feet by the end of the session so I may be in the market for some overshoes. I hit a max heart rate of 172 BPM which is high for me on the bike so I must of worked hard, but this was on the first hill of the evening.

Todays session

Duration 01 12 26
Distance 19.06 miles
Calories 1255
Average HR 137 BPM
Max HR 172 BPM
Average Speed 15.9 MPH
Max Speed 33.2 MPH

Explosive Energy And Endurance Intervals

I got home from work late so I didn't have a chance to get a quick turbo meal in so I turned to me trusty energy supplement Orbana. For those who dont know its a cracking product, no crashes, no upset stomach, exactly what you need pre exercise. Check it out HERE

We started the session with a gentle warm up and simple and dynamic stretches. This then led us onto a sprint session up hill too!

It really enjoy sprint session, it takes me back to my rugby days where we used to a similar drill but it involved pulling tyres and you best mate on your back, so im really happy its just me sprint now, no additional weight as this is hard enough. I managed to get up the hill the same distance each time so I made sure I worked hard on each sprint, but not to hard as we still had a endurances set to complete.

The set was 5 x (4 minutes 98%, 3 minutes 80% Jog recovery), this is a tough set and one that tests the lungs, it was important to keep jogging in the recovery period so you keep your heart rate up and it does drop out of that all important training zone as it will within 3 minutes of walking.

I was really please with my 4 minute max intervals as I averaged over 0.6 of a mile each time and I worked hard and the time/distance shows my performance never dipped from 1 to 5, as in session 5 I went the furthest, but my heart rate went the highest in this interval too.

I managed to clock in 4.72 miles in this endurance session alone and this was the furthest I can remember ever doing in a 35 minute set. I managed to keep up with the Ironman of the group for the session but he looked in far better shape to me by the end of the session.

I also managed to keep an average of under 7.30 minute miles through the session and got to a top minute mile pace of 5.23 and considering this was an endurance set that was great pacing. I will look to joining the club at track sessions on a Wednesday going forward as it was recommended to me if I want to get some pacing into my runs. I dont think distance is an issue for me at the moment but I'd like to be able to change gear and pick up my pace during these long runs. I've got 1 more run left to complete before holiday and that will probably been in the rain then im off to sunny climates for runs in the 20'c plus so I cant wait. I'll also got one more long bike ride and I really need to work on that area too so I hope to get 60 miles in if I can.

Todays session

Duration 01 11 12
Distance 6.31 Miles
Calories 847
Average HR 161 BPM
Max HR 179 BPM
Average Pace 07.18
Best Pace 05.23

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ouch My Shoulder

After last weeks swim still in my head, I remember as the water was so cold and went you leave the house your all up for the swim and when you arrive at the session you see eh water and you think.. Do I really want to get in. There are only 2 more club session in the lake left this season, also as Ironman Wales will be done and dusted I can see the numbers for this session dropping, so I'll be back to the pool.

We started tonights session with a light swim around one of the buoys to get familiar with the water temperature, when I put my face under the it took my breath completely away, now this was cold.. really cold. I think it would be warmer swimming in the sea. After the warm up the sets were called, on the first lap we would work on our sprints and the second lap would be a standard swim lap.

We were split into groups of 3 for the first lap, I definitely noticed the difference in speed when I was sprinting I tend to have only one speed when I swim but I really surprised myself last night, but when I upped the pace my direction went out the window I must of cut up loads of people. At eh end of the buoys we had to do a wider ark and then turn for home.I obvious went out to fast on the sprint I was shattered by the turn for home and I had  a nasty niggle in my shoulder, I carried on and tried to swim though it and hoped it went away. I managed to stay on the feet of the other 2 swimmers I set off with, they were fast swimmers for me so I was chuffed I tagged along for the ride.

The second lap was a mass start and I soon found myself at the back, I was really concentrating on my arm movements on this lap, speed wasn't an issue just remain focused on my arms. I managed to pass some of the group but after swimming half a lap I found myself tiring rapidly and this effected my kick and my stroke, I was putting efforts in to chase down the reaming group and the focus had shifted from my arms as my shoulder was still hurting, to getting out as quick as I could as 1, I was cold and 2 I was tired and the final one I was hungry. I'm turning into a right moaner!

I finished the lap with some disappointment as I felt I had struggled on my second lap and I'd run out of time to do a third (but there was no chance of me doing a third my shoulder was hurting by the end even to take of my wetsuit)

Only 1 more open water session left for me at the lakes and I hope I finish on a high.

Todays session

Duration 00 55 00
Distance 2600 meters

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Pembrokeshire Tri Go Series - Tenby

I was praying for sunshine and guess what it came!

After 2 days off I was ready to race, my alarm was set for 5:45 and I woke about 10 minutes before it went off. I got up and followed my standard process and today I managed to eat my breakfast, no pre race nerves, and breakfast was a packet of malt loaf.

My swim heat was starting at 8:25 so I arrived at the race at 7:30 to set up my transition, plenty of room to set up the bike and plenty of room for my trainers and bike shoes. I checked in the ins and outs for the transitioning and I know it cheeky and against the rules but I put a bit of talc on the floor in front of my bike so it was easy to spot coming out of the swim. I striped off and was in my tri suit ready to race.

As it was a pool swim it was a phased start the slower times going in first and then building up to the fast lot, I had a decent swim, I went out a little to fast, I had the open water in front of me so I had no pacer, I soon found a rhythm and caught my breath back and was happy in my stroke. The nice time keeper put the float in the water for me to let me know I had 50 meters left, I upped my speed for the last 25 meters and out I got, jog around the pool and out the fire exit door towards transition. Off with my hat and goggles and ive become pretty streamline with the socks on routine, next season im investing in some racers, fingers crossed I may get some cheap ones at the end of the season. I slipped into my bike shoes, helmet, race belt and shade and off I went. The results dont have individual transition times, they have included in the discipline time, so I may also invest in a cheap timex Ironman watch to check these times out.

You come out of transition, straight into a up hill climb, which seemed to go on forever, the majority of the bike ride was up hill, a very tough ride. I know my cycling needs work, I've been told I dont do enough on the bike so thats going to be my main area to work on before my next race. Even though im going to Cyprus next week so all I will be doing is swimming and running the bike will have to wait for my return. I over took 2 people and I was overtaken by 2 people, the road surface was pretty greases so traction was a big issue on the last down hill, I managed to cram in a PoweBar gel on the only flat of the course which I think I needed, I drank half my bike bottle to on the route. I came in on the bike, racked my bike, trainers on, turned my race belt around and off I went.

They could of done with some chalk lines on the floor to direct athletes as the poor marshal must of lost his voice by the end of the race as he was shouting to everyone "This way, around the cones and out".

The run started flat and then went up hill, you dont needs a hill first thing off the bike, I didn't have to heavy legs or jelly legs, I kicked on up the hill and chased 2 more people down, I passed a water station manned by 2 children congratulating me on my race which was great to hear and see. Head down and onto the final straight for the finish line.

I really enjoyed this race, and if it goes ahead next year I will definitely considered doing this one. One thing that I have learnt is that I need to work on the bike, my run and swim times were pretty competative and out oft the 100 entries I finished 29th which im happy with as my target time was 1 hour 15 minutes and I managed to beat that by 4 mins and 23 seconds. I will make Monday my rest day and get out training for my next race.

Todays session

Duration 01 10 37
Distance 400 meter swim, 12.5 mile bike, 3 mile run

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tapered Intervals

This is my final session with Celtic Tri before race day on Sunday, I didn't want to miss this session as I really enjoy them. We did the normal warm up session and work on our explosive muscle groups in our legs with some sprints, and some drills to work on our calf muscles.

The session was 6 x 3 mins 80% 2 mins 70% (Recovery) - The percentages were low due to the tapering.

I definitely took the foot off the gas for this session and at eh end of the session I had plenty left in the tank which was great as normally im nearly maxed out. After doing some light jogging and stretches we do some explosive work, which involved sprints im really happy that I still have my sprinting left in my legs and in the drill at this session you have 6 seconds to get up as far as you can up a hill on the roadside, the only bad thing is if there is only a small group the further you go the less time you have to recover and get back down the bottom before its your go again. As this was a light session I only managed 0.4 for a mile in 3 minutes, I know I can work harder than this so next weeks session should be more interesting on the statistic front. I kept a running 2 minutes recovery so my heart rate remained in the training zone.

In the whole session my heart rate never dropped below 140BPM so this is still in my training zone so I still push out a quality set. I didn't run as far as the normal session, as it was only 30 minutes long. I managed to keep a consistence pace and speed through the session which has put me in ideal shape for racing.

I'm now having Friday and Saturday off as race prep, maybe a few stretches but that's probably about it.

Todays session

Duration 00 52 01
Distance 4.88 miles
Calories 654
Average HR 150 BPM
Max HR 150BPM
Average Pace 07.55
Best Pace 05.59

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Brrrrrr Its Still Getting Colder

You can tell winter is coming, the water is definitely getting colder and the wetsuit isn't thick enough to keep me warm. I know I should swim faster to generate more heat and if I swim quicker, the further I go in the hour session.

The session was a simple swim this week, as the Ironman Wales 2011 date is getting closer and all people want to do is get the mileage in, I dont blame them I'd be the same.

We started on time this week and we were straight into the large lake, and swimming around the edge, I'm definitely over my phobia of seeing the lake floor, its quite interesting seeing the bottom, but I dont like the reeds touching my hands sometimes.. Yuk!

At the end of my first lap of the bigger lake , I could see our coach trying to get our attention, we had to get out the lake, no it wasn't a shark attack or any kind of threat! We had to make way for 2 jet skiers.

So, we had to get out the big lake and straight into the smaller lake, and this was even colder, I got straight in and got my face under the water, "Ouch" It was freezing and under my eyes started to hurt straight away, I manned up and by half way around the small lake I couldn't feel my face so I put every effort possible into my shoulders and sprinted the last 200 meters for as long as possible. I got out as quick as I could and got out my wetsuit. A hard swim in this session, a shorter distance but the temperature made the session... Winter is nearly here and the open water sessions will soon be over.. boo hoo!.

Todays session

Duration 00 50 00
Distance 2150 meters

Monday, 15 August 2011

3,2,1,2,1 - Well Hard

After a unexpected rest day on Sunday, I was keen to blow the cobwebs away and get in a quality session with the elite group on a Monday. I haven't trained with the lads for 2 weeks as I've had no car to meet up with them so I've gone out on my own, so I was raring to go!

The set was called, 3km, 2km, 1km, 2km, 1km - 2 mins recovery in between each km effort , (98% max thresh hold) km efforts. On my this was a hard one, but I didn't mind, I'd missed this kind of session with the group.

I switched the Garmin to KM auto lapping and the times above include the recovery, I should have push lap on the breaks but I forgot on the first recovery so didn't bother after it. This was a really enjoyable session, hard, but enjoyable. The session started really quick, and my pace was really fast under 4 minute KM efforts, but by the end of the session it dropped 5 minute per KM. I was still working at the same intensity throughout the session and still finished 3rd in the group from start to finish. I maxed out at 181 beats per minute, a high range and one I needed. In the session my heart rate averaged out at 167 BPM but this does included the quick recovery intervals.

This was a longer than normal session, but definitely a quick paced one, probably my last hardcore session before my race on Sunday.

Todays session

Duration 00 56 21
Distance 6.83
Calories 933
Average HR 167 BPM
Max HR 181 BPM
Average Pace 07.13
Best Pace 05.15

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Rain Stops Play

What a tough run!

I was one of those runs, that nothing clicked, my shoulders felt stiff, im knees ached my stride was wrong, it just didn't feel right.I ran my normal 6 mile route, nothing aggressive, the normal up hills, the normal flats and the normal down hills so why was it so different.

I still managed to clock in seven and a half minute miles on the training run, I dont normally go running early afternoon so that have something to do with it, I had a small lunch to so that could be the reason why it felt so hard to do this run. The roads were really quite for a Saturday afternoon, perhaps they were all at home watching the football, as the premiership kicks off today. I had planned to go out on the bike early this morning but the heavens were open and lots of water was coming from the sky, so that put a spanner in the works, so hence why I went for an afternoon run.

My heart rate maxed out at 172 beats per minute, which isn't relatively high for one of my runs, and it averaged out at 158. Even though it felt this was a really tough run, I obviously didn't work that hard, but believe me I was shattered when I got home.

Todays session

Duration 00 45 39
Distance 6 miles
Calories 840
Average HR 158 BPM
Max HR 172 BPM
Average Pace 07.30
Best Pace 03.08

Friday, 12 August 2011

Extended Warm Up For Intervals

I decided to have Wednesday off, 1 reason was I was really tired and I didn't want to train while feeling drained as that can only cause damage, the seconds reason and the most important reason was, we found out the sex of our baby and proud to say we are having a boy! so we had to go out and look for all the boy like clothes possible so we can dress him when he comes out of Christmas day (expected date of arrival) so I think thats a great reason to miss training.

So this session I had to work twice as hard to make up for Wednesday, and it started by me having to run to the club run as my wife had the car so my normal warm up with the club started 2 miles down the road, so I was already into my stride when I met up with them, only to turn around and do some hill sprints... I was already feeling it and we hadn't started the "guts" on the set.

The session was the same as last week, but just 1 more rep and yes I did feel the difference.

9 x 2 min 95%, 2 min 75% Recovery.

Its was important to keep jogging in the recovery so my heart rate would stay up, high enough to keep in the training zones, so walking was not permitted ans I didn't fancy being shouted at by the coach.

I tried to keep to the same speed and distances on each rep, I found the first set hard and in the recovery zone it looks like my speed has dipped, then for sets 2,3 and 4 and kept at a higher recovery speed and then from 5 onward the recovery speed has slipped, but it is also places where I have stopped to turn around as I've run out of road. My distances have kept very similar through the set, averaging 0.3 of a mile for each 2 minute which was the same as last week so im happy with staying in the same area.

The weather was really poor for this session, I took my run rain jacket down and it was really humid, so by the time I finished the workout I was dripping with sweat and drilling from the fine rain, a runners nightmare as the rain wasn't keeping you cool. Hope it clears up soon, I want a long bike on the weekend and a light run day Friday evening.

Todays session

Duration 01 32 17
Distance 7 miles
Calories 930
Average HR 159 BPM
Max HR 180 BPM
Average Pace 07.59
Best pace 05.16

The Water Is Getting Colder

Once again we were forced into the little lake as there was some bloke speeding around on his jet ski and didn't look like he was coming out and to top things off we have a massive 26 turn out for the session. You can tell Ironman Wales in nearly here, everyone it trying to get there miles in before the event.

This weeks session was a simple one, laps. I'm starting to swim further and further which is my aim but after about 2000 meters my stroke starts to take a wobble. I know im getting tired so this is effecting it, but I am concentrating really hard to keep pointing in the stroke and bring my elbow up high and this is definitely helping me, as its stopping me crossing my arms across my bodying creating drag, as im pointing and pulling this is creating the complete opposite and its giving me more speed.. which is always a help!

We did a mass start all 26 and ir felt like a race situation, so sighting was very important as I didn't fancy a smack in the face like my one last races, so I was very vigilant on swinging arms. The groups soon split up, the fast swimmers left us for dust and we were split into groups of 2 and 3's. I was pacing myself nicely and was swimming on the feet of the people in front of me, so I hope they weren't pulling me along to much.

On the last lap, at the top of the lake I saw a massive fish, at the bottom of the lake bed, it looked a good foot long, it freaked me out a bit, I'm alot better now when swimming in the lake and the fear of seeing the bottom of the lake has long gone, I did watch the film Piranha the other night and I thought that may give me the creeps when swimming the lake but im still swimming and going strong.

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 3000

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Great Brick But a Wet Brick

After my long ride on Saturday morning, I still had tired legs, so I decided to turn Sunday into a rest day. I know it wasnt planned but I hadnt fully recovered so I though it would be best to rest.

As I was fully recovered I decided to complete a brick session, I haven't completed one for a while so I decided it was going to be a bike run brick. I knew the route I wanted to do, I just hope the weather would hold out for, it was sunny when I left the house but when I got home from the run it was a different story.

This was a PB for the 10 mile route, and its been a while since i did that route, my legs are definitely getting stronger and I can peddle flat out for a lot longer from when I first started on the bike and I think that's down to the North Wales triathlon, that was a killer, up hill and into the wind. There were a few hills on the 10 mile route but nothing to steep, but I still only managed a average speed of 15 MPH. This needs to be closer to 20 MPH if I want to cycling with a more advanced group, so I need to get out more on the bike and start to work that little bit harder.

I averaged out on at 135 BPM which isn't particularly high for one of my workouts, but as I said a PB for the route and I didn't want to burn out as I had a 4 to 5 mile run planned. I did an extra loop on the last mile to top the route up to 10.5 miles, I did the last to climbs to home, unclipped my shoes, run down the garden path, through the front door, dumped the bike and changed my shoes and off I went again. My legs felt great for just getting off the bike and there was no "jelly leg" feeling, I made sure I ran the first mile hard to try and shake out any effects from the bike, I ran it that hard I did a under 7 minute mile.. off the bike! WOW!

This was a great run off the bike, I worked hard and averaged out under 8 minute miles, which is really quick for me, and it felt like I hadn't even done 10 miles previous on the bike. The last mile, it did hit me, the fatigue and the driving rain, I had my Oakleys on so when people were driving past they must of thought.. what is that lad doing is the lashing down rain with sun glasses on!, well it was sunny when I left the house.

I managed to max out at 169 BPM on the run, which once again isn't to high for me on a run, but it felt great and I had enough I think in the tank to carry on, my pace dropped but I dont mind as I need to break down the barrier and not go out so fast and pace myself if I want to compete in an Ironman, but as im only doing sprint and Olympic distance this year I can go flat out from the start... well sort of anyway.

Todays session

Duration 01 15 18
Distance 14.90 miles (10.50 bike - 4.40 run)
Calories 1332

Average Speed 15.6 MPH
Max Speed 34.3 MPH
Average HR 135 BPM
Max HR 156 BPM

Average Pace 07.31
Best Pace 04.39
Average HR 161 BPM
Max HR 169 BPM

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Aero Bars And Costal Views

As I had a rest day on Friday I was ready to get out there on the bike, I had planned to do a new ride which upped my mileage to 50, 10 more than my last long ride. I'm really enjoying the road bike and I cant wait to get out there again.

On my last ride I ran out of water about 10 miles from home, so I went out and bought a new cage for the bike, and put on another bottle. I also have been given some aero bars to try out, and I tell you what they were amazing and there the reason I ended up doing more miles than I planned. I spent 80% of the ride on them, I found it pretty easy to get my balance on them, so there was no stopping me. As I was borring them from a friend I want to keep them in the best conditional possible, so when I thought I lost a part of them I was really worried. About half way through the ride I hear a little pop, and as I was going up hill I though nothing of it, and after cycling 10 miles down the road I had noticed one of the rubber bar ends from teh bars had fallen out, so I turned arround and went back for it, I cycled down and back up the hill and couldnt find it, so I hopped off the bike, stopped the Garmin and walked down the hill and I only bloody found it! The bit that went missing is squared below its about 3 cm!

But enough of that, more about the ride. It was 7 am went I got out the door and it wasn't raining, the weather man had got it right, so I was keen to get going before the rain came. I packed the Oakleys just in case the sun made an appearance. I've only got dark tinted glassed for my Oakleys, so I need to invest in so light enhancing lenses as the sun never shines in Wales. The roads were all mind on the way out, I have a few climbs on the way out and a pretty steep one about 12 miles in so stayed in the saddle for as long as possible, I managed to complete 90% of the climb, but on the last 10% I got out the saddle and it felt good, a good burn.

After this main climb, it was mainly full of small hills to the half way point. The roads were still very quiet, a few delivery vans, a few tractors and a few caravans that was it.... oh and a few cyclists that gave me the "nod" on the way past.

When I arrived at the turn point, I munched on one of my new PowerBar energy bars and a gel, took a snap and I turned around for home.

After making my way back, I decide to extend my route by going right to the next coastal village, the same place I went last weekend, only an extra 4 or so miles, before clicking that I had lost the aero bar part so I had to go back for it which made me have an extra 5 miles I hadn't banked on. I stopped the Garmin for the search party and forgot to put it to go again until 8 miles down the road... a right mess up, hence the straight line on the map!

I did work hard on the bike, but when I got home I felt like I could go hard and further so I need to plan a further route ASAP maybe for next weekend or I may just stay and 50-60 for now, but I need to work beating this time. I did get to 166BPM for to to hardest climbs of the day but I did average out at 137 BPM, which is still about Zone 3-4 for me.

My speed did vary quite a bit in this session, but it always does on the bike, but I do think I was faster over some of the route than I was last time, I do think it was down to the aero bars also I didn't feel any cross winds on the route which will also help my speed.

All in all a very enjoyable ride, one I will look forward to completing again, even though I said I could go on, harder, and further im sure my legs will disagree on Sunday and I may be forced to have the day off.

Todays session

Duration 03 28 14
Distance 52.17 miles
Calories 3100
Average HR 137BPM
Max HR 166BPM
Average Pace 14.7 MPH
Top Speed 36.7 MPH

Friday, 5 August 2011

8 Steps and 4 Hills

Who does a warm up on hills.. we do! After our streching and light jogging we started the session with some hill sprints 15 seconds up hill and and then back down.. we did this 8 reps then then the proper session started.

The session was a tough one, 8 x 2 mins 95%, 2 mins 80 Recovery jog, It was really important that it was a jog for this session and not a half walk, half jog like past session and I completed this task from the coach.

I kept the same pace throughout the whole session, which was my main aim, I managed to clock over 0.30 in each 2 minute 95% session, which is great pacing (about 7 minute mile pace). There was a slight breeze running one way in the session which definitely effected my speed, but it I didnt mind as it keep me cool.

I got into my training zone each time and the graph shows that after the intense 2 minutes my heart rate recovers pretty quickly which was great as I could give it all in my 2 minute 95% sets. In this session I managed to total my furthest distance to date, over 5 miles, this has definitely been a week for personal bests.

No snakes this week but I did use Orbana again before the session and it is a really good product, something I would recommend to any athlete, its easy to drink and definitely works, so give it a try

Todays session

Duration 01 02 10
Distance 5.38 miles
Calories 709
Average HR 159BPM
Max HR 176BPM
Average Pace 7.37
Best Pace 4.40

Thursday, 4 August 2011

New Shoes New Time

What a great run I had in this session- You know those runs you have when everything seems to click and nothing is tweaking, hurting, twinging.. well this was one of them and it felt GREAT!

Garmin connect have tried to upgrade there service but its been rolled back so all there new great new ideas have rolled back to the previous state which is a shame. Here is a screen shot of my whole run from the player function - Click on it and the it goes to a larger image.

I'm now clocking in under 7 minute miles, which I never though was possible for me but my running is going strength to strength and all I need to work on now is to get an average pace of under 7 minutes an getting closer all the time.

The last mile is still catching me out as its all up hill, but its getting quicker, im a 5 minutes quicker than my last time I did this route, which is very quick and all I can put it down to my new powerbar purchases and easting my lunch in 4 sittings rather than one. Its definitely working so I'll continue doing it.

The roads were really quiet on the run, so the road was mine, and I made good use of it by blasting out my personal best for the route.  I wore compression socks again as this is still helping me recovery quicker I think I need to invest in some more as my current ones are starting to loosen off, but not to worry winter will still be here and I'll be back in my compression skins.

I'm running in my Newtons still, what a cracking pair of shoes they have sent me to review (which will be coming up shortly) they are very different from any other trainer I've used before.. There amazing.

That sports massage I had on my legs has worked a treat I hope I can get some more soon!

Todays session

Duration 00 44 26
Distance 6 miles
Calories 838
Average HR 163BPM
Max HR 181BPM
Average Pace 07.24
Best Pace 02.46 - Surely not!

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