Friday, 8 July 2011

Wales Mid Week Triathlon Series (Race 2)

I've been looking forward to this race since race one which I missed because I was on holiday so I keen to get involved. We've had some cracking weather recently so I was hoping for a lovely sunny race.... How wrong was I...! It lashed down all day and it only got worse.. I should have wore my wet suit for the whole race, im sure I would have stayed dryer.

The race was 750m open water swim, 16km bike and 5km run (Off road run!)

As my wife was the on site sports masseur for the event, we got the venue nice an early and the evening started with me putting up the gazebo and doing this in the lashing down rain isn't much of a pre race warm up. I didnt mind to much as I got a free workout on the massage table on my legs before the race - Thank you Vicki.

After racking my bike and sorting out my transition box I was ready to get into my wetsuit and get going. It was a 1 wave start in the lake, and whilst walking down to the start line after the race brief I had the thought in my head "I've only race in the rain this year" I wonder when I'll be able to race in the sun.. Maybe its worth going abroad.

When I got in the lake, the water was surprisingly warm, I think im getting used to this swimming outside thing and cold water is now just a distant memory. All the competitors made there way to behind the first buoy, as the swim was 2 laps around 3 boys in a triangle shape. The hooter sounded and off we went...

I dont mind a mass start as its easy to sight other swimmers so you dont lose your swimming direction, I do mind getting a fist in the face, I received a right beauty in the nose, one of those ones which make your eyes water. I did put my off my stroke and it did slow me down, but that's enough excuses, I had to man up and get on to the finish. I had an OK swim , its a lot better than before but there is always room for improvement.

Out the water, up the ramp to transition, I was happy with my transition time, 1 minute to get out my suit, socks and bike shoes on and out! I really need to stop wearing socks, but this will be down to me purchasing new racing shoes, and new cycle shoes as I dont have them and I understand they are very comfortable inside. I also need new training shoes... Its going to be a few expensive months.

I was very careful how I came out of transition as after the mount line as the road wasn't exactly smooth a few pot holes in the road, so I hope they fill them in for next time. My bike time I was really surprised about, I was alot quicker after the turn for home and chased more people than on the way out. I need to get a frame fit back to put my gels in as im currently putting them down my top once I've taken my bottle out its to fiddly to get them back next to the bottle. Ohhh its going to be an expensive month more money required!

After the bike, I took my time on the dismount as last time in the wet I lost my footing at took a tumble, and got some cuts so I stopped before I got off and ran into transition pushing my bike. I racked my bike, and the took my helmet off as we had an official BTF referee watching us.I managed to slip out my shoes and got my running shoes on and got out there... only to be over taken by the 2 leaders on their 2nd lap. 1 happened to be one of the lads I training with on a Monday and he finished 3rd on the night! Good man!

The run was a tough off road route and one made even harder by the wet weather and the saturated ground with added standing water. As my run is my strongest sport (I think) I managed to chase down alot of people and can over 15 places on the run.

Here are my results from the event:

I really enjoyed the race and I look forward to the next one in September, who knows the sun might even shine for it?

Todays Session

Duration 01 13 14
Distance 750m Swim, 16km Bike & 5km Run

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