Monday, 11 July 2011

Top Cycling Sprint Session - 1000 Miles

I've been wanting to complete one of these for a while, get some pain in those legs and this was the ideal time to try it out as it gives me a week to recover before I race next Sunday.

The plan of action was a 1 mile warm, and 10 sets of recovery and sprints over a mile, and then finish with a 1 mile warm down. The 10 sets would be a half mile recovery with a half mile flat out sprint, till your legs feel like led. ad you cant peddle any more. After watching the Tour De France time trials I really wanted to see how hard it is... and my suspicion were right, its rock hard, those riders are machines!

Lap 1 was a recovery/warm up lap and then lap 2 was a flat out sprint, this continued all the way to lap 20. I can honesty say laps 12 and 14 hurt the most and I remember grinding my teeth to get to the end of the lap. The course had a very small incline but enough to keep you working on the rest phase and enough to give you a good speedy start of the sprint stage.

The spikes in the graph show the injection of speed in each lap, I managed to get a maximum speed of 30.1 mph in the session which I was really happy about, and on he 1st 5 sprints I was averaging out at a 25 mph. On the 2nd 5 sprints I averaged out between 22mph and 24mph, this is when the legs start to turn into led weights and I left the WD40 spray at home.  I did give this session my all, when I had finished I could feel lactic in my legs and my heart rate was pretty high for the bike. I also had to climb 2 hills to get home so I wasn't looked forward to that.

If anyone was watching me do the laps they must have thought what the hell is he doing going around and around the around-abounds. The map below kind of explains what im talking about, there wasn't much traffic on the road so fingers crossed no one was watching. One thing I am finding difficult, is counting laps, I used to find it hard in the pool, but now it just comes to you, but im now in the same situation on the bike with counting laps and pointers gratefully received.

This session also marked a large milestone for the year, I have passed the 1000 mile marker. I never imagined I would pass 1000 miles, when I thought about blogging my training in January this was a distance thought, but now 7 months into the year I've made it. This now leaves me with an issue, I need to hit 2000 for the year. I dont know if this is possible, but im willing to give it a try. I have a busy schedule coming up over the next few months with races, everything from triathlons, charity bike rides and half marathons , but after October its going to be pretty quiet so I may have 2 months that I can concentrate on getting the proper miles in with no taper.

Todays Session

Duration 00 57 46
Distance 14.46 miles
Calories 732
Average HR 129 BPM
Max HR 163 BPM
Average Speed 16.8 MPH
Top Speed 30.1 MPH

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