Saturday, 30 July 2011

Snakes And Intervals

The start of this was a very different start to any other I have had to date, as this was a club run we went thought the normal warm up routine which covers stretches and light jogging. The coach also worked on our Plyometrics (fast twitch muscles) the main areas we worked were achilles and calf muscles. If anyone was driving past must of what the hell are they doing jumping around in squares and shuffling on the spot as hard as we could.. We must of looked a right bunch!

After the warm up I needed to go for a relief stop (A quick Jimmy Riddle) so I decided to cross the road and jump into the long grass and I was greeted with an all mighty hiss! I was an adder just by my feet, I have never moved so quick, I was so stunned by the time I got back to the group they had already gone, so I missed pressing the start button on the Garmin, so I've manually added the set I missed.

The session was:

4 x 1min 95%, 1 min 75%, 1min 95%, 1 min 75%, 2 min 95%, 2 min 75%

This was a great session, and on average in the 95% zones I was averaging 6 minute mile pace, I was doing a half walk recovery half jog recovery, (i.e 1 minute recovery, 30seconds walk, 30 seconds jog) which worked for me in this session as I felt I had enough energy to keep going the same rate through the session and felt fully recovered for each 95% part.

I'm looking forward to my Friday rest day and long bike over the weekend, my legs are feeling tired but I hope I can see the masseur over the weekend so get some TLC on my legs.

I used my Brooks Adrenaline for this session and I can feel the difference between the Newtons, I'm still getting used to the Newtons as they have additional tread on the bottom of the shoes for stability which I have to say feels like im walking in heels.

Todays session

Duration 01 04 22
Distance 4.68 miles
Calories 593
Average HR 149BPM
Max HR 172BPM
Average Pace 08.12
Best Pace 05.03

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  1. Seeing that snake must have been the scariest thing ever. I'm off running in about an hour and I will make sure I avoid any long grass!


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