Friday, 22 July 2011

Simply Swim - I'll Be Back!

I recently purchased some new swim gear from Swimwear and I was pleasantly surprised with everything they offered my shopping experience. It was the first time I used this store and I can say how good there service has been, during and after the purchase of my products. The site offers users live chat assistance which is brilliant as if you want more information about a product (i.e does the product come up small) then they are there to be asked. The site is easy to navigate and the search function is very reliable unlike some sites I've used. Simplyswim stock all major brands in the swimming arena and has plenty of stock so you've never disappointed.

I needed some new fins for my swim sessions and I did look long and hard for what I wanted and I came across the Cressi light fins, they come in 2 colours so I went for the blue set. I've used them a few times now in club sessions and haven't been disappointed, they fitted nicely and haven't rubbed my heels at all and feels like a natural extension to my legs. This is what you want out of any pair of fins to help you keep good technique.

I also purchased some new jammers, I previous bought Speedo entry level jammers and haven't looked back since that purchase. This time I decided to go down the same route but go for a more "plus" pair. They are a smart looking pair of jammers and are a really comfortable fit. They have no drag and help you glide through the water just like wetsuit does. If you are conscious about wearing a pair of Speedo trunks then definitely look into purchasing a pair of these. I tend to buy endurance finish as they tend to last that little bit longer than race shorts as they have a high chlorine tolerance level.

I also purchased a Maru pull Buoy to work on my upper body training, this buoy gives you additional buoyancy to your legs so you have to work harder with your arms.The buoy fitted nicely between my legs and did not chaff me in any areas, exactly what you need. It has a stylish blue and green finish and im the only one at the club to have this one so I never end up taking someone else's kit home.

My final purchase was a pair of competition racing goggles, this is probably the most important purchase of the lot. I have my open water pair which are brilliant so I was hoping for a some similar results. As im a contact lens wearer goggles are very important in my sport they have to be comfortable and have to stop the water getting in. These past the test with flying colours! They were very to setup and once I had sorted the fit they felt very comfortable. I got into the water (pool session) with them and they didn't steam up, the view from them was excellent, no distortion like some goggles and I felt very confident that they weren't going to come off my face in dives and turns.

The checkout experience at was very easy and its good to see shops starting to use Paypal checkout, which makes the shopping experience even easier. Its nice they offer a free collection service, but maybe an added bonus they could offer shoppers free shipping if they spend over £30. After going through the check out and committing to the purchase I received my confirmation order email and I thought that would be it. But NO.. a day later I got an email from Simplyswim to tell me I would be expecting my delivery between 10:00 and 11:00 how good was that, a nice little service which saved me a trip to the post office.

I would recommend to any of my traininer partners and triathlon club members, they offer a 28 day free returns policy which no one can complain about and its been a completely hassle free process which I defintely will use again!

Thanks team Simplyswim!

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