Monday, 4 July 2011

Scorchio Late Evening Run

What a stunning day for competing and its a shame I wasn't! I went to the local tri shop and found out they were out at a bloody race so I've go to wait to spend my money!

I decided to wait for the sun to set a little before I did my run for the day, I cant imagine hot how it must be doing a race like Ironman Lanzarote it must be boiling so I was great full to get out when the sun was on the way down. I had a lovely day of sunbathing, and unfortunately got burnt at little on my back, but nothing major.

I decided to wear my compression socks on my run, I'm sure I looked a little daft to most people that run in Pembroke but I didn't care, I wanted my legs to be in a decent state for cycling on Sunday morning. 

This was a new route for a run, so a definite PB was on the cards, i used to go to school every day on those roads so I couldn't get lost, I also remember the hills being alot steeper as a school boy too!

Even though it was late evening I wasn't to tired and I had the luxury of home made pizza waiting for me at the finish line. I still found it hard running in that heat and my legs we rent used to running so late in the evening. I carried on with a average of under 8 minute mile pace which I was relatively happy about.

This route had some lovely view as I run along the mill pond in Pembroke, the surface was as flat as a pancake and the swans were happily sailing back and forth. This was was spoilt when I came to the exit of the path by 5 people jumping into the water off the bridge...

By the time I had climbed the last hill, I could see my final destination, still 2 miles away but atleast I could see the finish line. I had though about doing a short cut down one of the side streets so I would get to the pizza quicker, but I decided to stay strong and finish the planned route.

It was a nice change of route and when I'm there more often I would like to the same route to get that new PB.

Todays session

Duration 00 42 08
Distance 5.49 miles
Calories 768
Average HR 164BPM
Max HR 175BPM
Best Pace 05.44
Average Pace 07:40

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