Sunday, 10 July 2011

Saturday, Sunny and Sweat!

This was a planned late evening short run, enough to blow the Friday rest day cob webs away, and enough to get me sweating!

I had lit the barbecue before I left for the run so I couldn't be too long, I was hungry before I left so the thought of barbecued food made me run that little big harder.

I was really please with my mile pacing, if anything hits the 8 minute mile im starting to get disappointed, so I do need to work harder on the last mile home. It is mainly uphill, a slow incline but its enough to make me hit that 8 minute mile marker. The roads were really quiet, no bikers, no cars, no runners everyone must have been down the beach, I dont blame them... Why was I out running?

I'm still wearing my compression socks as I think its helping my recovery, I'm sure I still look a daft but as there was hardly anyone out on the road I didn't mind.

I managed to clock in 998 miles for the year to date, so my next session which is the bike I will hit the 1000 mark! I'm very happy with that!

Got home, the coals were hot, and I ready to cook so its a short and sweet blog tonight... best get my chef hat on!

Todays session

Duration 00 38 31
Distance 5.00 miles
Calories 697
Max HR 174BPM
Average HR 157BPM
Best Pace 04.33
Average Pace 07:56

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