Saturday, 23 July 2011

New Record - New Distance On Me Bike

Today marks a new record for me, its the furthest I've ever been on my bike, I'm slowly building up my bike distances and today was the start of this by clocking in a 40 miler. As my wife was at work all day this gave me an ideal opportunity to get out.

I normally get out at the early hours to avoid the traffic as there are some idiots out there, but my bed was to nice at 6am so 1pm was the new time of departure.

I had planned to meet up with some friends at the halfway point but I had a text while I was out to say the were running late so I may miss them which was a shame as they good give me that morale boost to get home, another boost for my trip home was, I had to pick my wife at 6pm so I couldn't be late.

It was definitely a tougher leg on the way out then on the way even though it looks to be more of an incline on the way home.

After watching the tour its making me want to get out more on my bike, and teh sun today really helped, those guys get to max speeds of 50 MPH on the flats, well I was very happy with my 38 MPH going down hill. I am a little disappointed with my average speed though of only 14 MPH so that's something I need to work on as I need to be around the 20 MPH upwards.

I did work hard on the bike, and I managed to burn just shy of 3000 calories, I had workout for me. I did run out of water on the bike so I think im going to put another bottle cage on my bike as I'm only going to go further so im going to need more fluids. I used my new frame bag and put a sports SIS bar in and a gel for the rid which I used at the half way point. They went down easy and were a great assistant to my energy levels. There was a slight head wind on the route, so thinking about it thats probably why the ride out was harder.

The dip shows the half way point which couldn't come quick enough, I wish I'd have taken £1 for a 99 with a flake.

Todays session

Duration 02 44 31
Distance 39.27
Calories 2717
Average HR 141BPM
Max HR 174BPM
Average Speed 14.7MPH
Max Speed 38.8MPH

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  1. Nice one Martyn, my 3rd ride on the boardman yesterday was a 40miler, 3408ft of climb, 2 killer climbs. Next ride Sarah wants to add her 40 miler and 20 miler together to make one monster ride.


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