Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A New Lake A New Lesson

When I turned up to the session, the lake gates were already open and I drove straight in, only to find that other users were in the big lake using their jet skis so the triathlon club had to move to the smaller lake, not that I mind it was less to swim.. so I thought.

We had a massive turn out of 24 club swimmers in the lake, this is the biggest turnout I've ever seen at a club session. It was great to see so many people there, even though it was a little crowed and it was going to be hard to listen to the coach as there was so many people in attendance.

This session was based on a drafting and arm technique, which i definitely need work on so I was happy with that. The more I swim the better I think my arms are getting, obviously I've got a long way to go, but im enjoying it and that half the battle. I dont fear swimming 2000 meters plus and this is great news if I want to do an Ironman in the next year.

As we were swimming in the smaller lake it meant less room to turn around the buoys and as the lake was smaller I could see the bottom most of the way around and for those who read my blog often know I get freaked out if I can see the bottom, or reeds or plants or ropes of anything  so this makes it very hard to concentrate on anything else.

I've noticed that im swimming on my own alot at these sessions, im not fast enough to go with the turbo swimmers and im faster than the slower group, I'm not fit enough to kick on and tag along with the fast lot, and my stroke it too quick to join the slower group so I tend to find myself on my own. I dont really mind it as long as I can been seen with my bright orange swim cap, we only had spotters on the lake side no canoe this week. 

We swam 4 laps of the lake in the session, plus other sets around the buoys, I did enjoy the drag sets as it was great to get a break from working so hard. The water was far colder than the big lake which seems strange as you would think less water, less to keep warm so if anyone has the answer please let me know.

I was using the stretch technique for the majority of the session as this seemed to stop my arm crossing my body after the stroke as this is only creating resistance for me and making it harder to swim faster. This also makes me point my fingers which is also an aid for sighting and swimming in straight lines.

Todays session

Duration 00 40 00
Distance 2300 meters

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