Monday, 11 July 2011

Messy Crazy Arm Swimming

Run club was cancelled as the team are racing tomorrow in Swansea's 5km series, so I decided to get down the pool for some indoor swimming. I was really looking forward to a different session, but it all seemed to go wrong from the moment I got into the water.

I got in the pool and it was freezing, as funny as it sounds but I felt warmer when I was in my wetsuit swimming outside in the lakes. I soon warmed up in the pool when I got some meter-age in.

After swimming about 400 meters I was starting to get tired for some reason, which was a shame as I know the rest of the session was going to be a drain. I know it was hard work getting out of bed this morning so perhaps an early night could be on the cards to catch up on my sleep.

The longer the session went on the worse my stroke got, I really concentrate on keeping my rhythm with my arms but over 25 meters its hard to get that rhythm. I think I need to get to some lessons under my belt, Celtic Tri have coached lessons down the 50 meter pool so I think it might be worse while going down to see if anything can be done about my arms.

I found my self crossing my arms even further, which I think is definitely effecting my speed and it also making me work harder as there is more resistance. To make things worse a swimming club were training in the 3 lanes next to the public lane, and to avoid us clashing arms they asked out lane to swim the opposite way to the norm so I found myself swimming in the middle of the lane, so I was annoying the other swimmers and I just didnt feel right as in that pool we have always swam the other side of the lane... I was totally confused!

What a crap swim, but I still got a 1400 meters in 40 minutes, so I was kind of please with that!

I going for fork out for some paddles and fins to see if that can help me out with my stroke?

Fingers crossed I have a better swim next time.

Todays session

Duration 00 40 00
Distance 1400 meters


  1. Swims are like runs, I find. Bad ones are always followed by good ones. I would try and get some coaching. I wish I had.

  2. Shame about your swim. Hopefully the next one will make up for it! Thanks for your advice on pool running... I need to get done cross training in and the pool seems like the best option... Saying that, my local one scares me a little! I might loom at getting myself down to the aquatics centre in town on an early morning or something instead!!


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