Friday, 1 July 2011

A Lovely Sunny Interval Session

As I had Wednesday as a rest day, I was ready to go on the club interval session, it was a hard set last week so could this week get any hard.. Yes it can!

The session was 6 x (4min 98% HR and 2min 80% HR Recovery) and in the sunshine it was a lovely session, hard but a good one.

The numbers have dropped again which is a shame but I suppose people can train on there own in the summer as the sun is shining, but when winter comes its great to training a bit unit and it gives you that extra drive.The only thing bad about Thursdays evenings session was that im at the front on my own.

The first 2 interval peaks (4 mins) were difficult to find a rhythm but I did work hard, im getting some knee pain when I start running and after lenthening my stride for a minute or 2 the pain goes. Its the same pain I had when I had ligament damage 4 years ago, and the worrying things is that its in my good leg!

The remaining peaks, you can see I found the last minute to 30 seconds harder than the previous 3 minutes, and this correlated through to the end of the session. I tried to keep the pace through the session a close to the first 4 minutes which is hard work. I was clocking in well over a half a mile on the 4 minute intervals which I was happy with.

The little dip in the 5th peak is where I ran out of road and had to turn arround and then build up some pace again. I was shattered though when it came to the 5th recovery point, but it gave me enough air into my lungs to blast of peak six in a good pace and time.

On the 4 minute intervals I never dropped into a 7 minute mile pace, I'm really happy with that pacing. We did a similar session on Monday and my heart rate is maxing out at 180, I havent hit 180BPM for some time so I must be working hard.

Todays session

Duration 00 58 13
Distance 5.14 miles
Calories 660
Average HR 158
Max HR 180
Best Pace 05:01

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