Friday, 15 July 2011

I Knew My Swim Would Come Back

What a complete change from my last swim session on Monday night. This was my first triathlon training session down the pool on a Thursday night I normally do the club interval session but as the coach was on
holiday and I'm on a taper I thought I'd give the pool session a go.

I was told to bring my wet suit and trainers as the first part of the session is done in suits and the second is just in your Tri suit or bathers. The trainers we for aquathon training as this was mentioned by the coach before hand. When I got there some of us got into our suits and we did a little drafting set, in threes and then into sixes.

We also knocked out some sprints as we had to overtake people without suits and they had a few seconds head start, oh my it's soooo easy swimming in a Tri wetsuit why can't I always swim in one?

On the last set of sprints we had to get out the pool as quick as we could and get out the suit before the non suit swimmers finished there length... I think I did.. Well sort of one leg in and one leg out!

This completed 600 meters and I was ready to get out, then the coach called the set:

250m (1st 50m head up)
250m (1st 50m one arm, switch on return journey)
100m sprint (45sec recovery)

All the above x 4

Oh my I was meant to be on a taper, but I maned up and dug deep. The first set went great and my rhythm was really good I was happy with my pace and I was keeping each 25m at the same pace. Then to the sprint,
my first sprint was 1.51 this was my baseline, and I was trying to keep to this time and under.

My second and third set went even better I was still in my rythym and I was untouchable (I like to think I was) I was making sure on each 250m I was saving enough energy to blast out my 100m sprints. Set 2
100m was 1.55 and set 3 was 1.50 a little slower on set 2 but I managed to pick it up on set 3.

Set 4 my arms were starting to get heavy and I managed to block it out and keep going. After completing the 250's the coached asked me to get out and race my last 100m. From a diving start I raced one of the
other swimmers from the group, and unfortunately I came 2nd but I did my best time of the night for the sprint 1.47 - hurray!

But by this time my ars felt like they were 5 times heavier than when I got in an hour and a half earlier. A cracking session and one I think I start attending more often.

Rest days for me now Friday and Saturday as I'm racing Sunday in the North Wales (Llandudno) sea triathlon which are the welsh champs - wish me luck!

It was meant to be a taper session but I ended up swimming my furthest yet, 3000 meters

Todays session

Duration 01 30 00
Distance 3000m

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