Thursday, 21 July 2011

Evening Runs - Worse Results

I ended up staying longer in the office than I had planned which messed up my training plan totally. I had planed to hit the saddle and get out and get some miles on the bike. As I ended up coming home over a hour late, I was already hungry which stopped me going. I decided to cook my dinner and then go out after for a run. I was chancing it as my legs were still a little tired from the weekend.

I started slower than normal and I knew something wasn't right, I'm not sure if I left long enough for my dinner to digest so I could feel that repeating on me, but it was only poached eggs so that wasn't to bad, but my legs just seemed heavy and only got heavier, which was effecting my pace.

On average I was clocking out 8 minute miles which I relatively happy about as my legs are still a little tired from the weekend. The route I tend to keep under the 8 minute mile pace, but I did have to stop 3 times for cars to pass and a massive JCB, It was a tight squeeze so I had to jump into the hedge to let the machine past.

I found the second and third miles possible he hardest of the night, they do have mixtures of up and down hill so they should be relatively easy, It was like I just couldn’t get going, but when I hit the turn point it was like I had been running for hours, everything suddenly clicked and my rhythm was there, or it was physiological as I turned for home?

The last mile is all up hill as it is the same route I've been doing for some time, and compared to the last time i did this route im 3 minutes slower which is a shame but if after a race so I'll let it slide this time. I did wear my compression socks again as I think this is aiding my recovery time, I purchased some CEP calf compression ones over the weekend at the Welsh Champs, and they helped me leaps and bounds. I cant complement compression gear enough, how ever did we run before without it?

After completing the run I didn't feel much satisfaction, as I knew I should have been out on the bike, but that we have to was till the weekend now and I hope the sun shines for it as I need to bank a long ride.
Todays session

Duration 00 49 56
Distance 6.0 miles
Calories 831
Average HR 147 BPM
Max HR 170 BPM
Average Pace 08.16
Best Pace 04.44

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