Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Did I Mention... I Dont Like Beach Runs

After gettig my new shoes from Netwons and having a rest day on Sunday I was really looking forward to this run session. Its been a while since I'v joined up with them due to races and recovery days its a hard session which blows awy those cobwebs.

I was not expecting s half road half beach run... and especially as I was in my new shoes.

The set was 1km on the road and 1km on the beach, we did this session back in April and I got soaked through, but lucky enough for me the tide was out so at least I could keep my shoes dry.

I was a tough session, and it was far harder running on the beach to the road, on the first set I managed to hang off the back of the lead pack I managed to gain the majority of catchup on road. Once we completed eh 2km we had 1 minute rest/recovery and then off we went again. The second set I was blown away by the lead pack and found myself back in the main group I kept on thinking it as the Peloton, just like the TDF.

It was another hot evening, I've got to stop wearing underarmour for my run sessions as I was soaked through. I drank some Orbana before I left for the session as it has been a great carb load drink before the intense sessions. I was luck enough to et some more samples from them so I have been handing them out in the triathlon club, so I hope everyone has liked them. If not pass on your comments back to the team at Orbana,

Below the line was a sprint session

We finished the session off with 5 sprints which I coped with fine, I seem to get some more energy out of somewhere and I managed to beat a few of the others, must be my new trainers.

Todays session

Duration 00 49 46
Distance 5.86 miles
Calories 801
Average HR 166 BPM
Max HR 180 BPM
Average Pace 07.35
Best Pace 04.45

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