Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Back To The Open Water

I've really missed this session, as the last 2 weeks its either landed on a pre or post race day, so I was really happy to be back in the open water.

This is a simple session, 2 laps within a hour, swim within a group so if you get into trouble your not alone, the past weeks there has been a support canoe but this week we were all alone.

We were asked to swim close to the lakes edge in the session so we all started off in one line but as soon as I saw the bottom of the lake  I started to panic and scare myself so I pushed into a more central position in the lake and sighted on the horizon rather than the swimmer in front of me, which I didn't mind as I need to work on that area of my swim. It just felt like whenever I saw the bottom I envisaged something coming out and grabbing me, it was hard enough to concentrate on my arms, so thinking about something is going to get me was a right distraction.

The water was colder than I remembered but I soon acclimatised when I stuck my head under for a quick 15 seconds, I let a little warm down the neck of my suit and it took my breath away but after that it felt like I was swimming in a bath.

I motored around on my first lap and it was a little wider than my second lap, I could of managed a third but as I turned in for the jetty I could see most of the swimmers getting out so I'll save that 3rd lap for another day.

My arms were a lot better at this weeks swim, I think this is because of the long distance and you dont have a turn point like the pool. I'm thinking about attending Club La Santa for a weeks swim school in August but it depends on the price and if I can get time off work. I dont have any other swims planned this week but I may try and do a brick over the weekend that includes a swim.

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 2542 meters

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  1. It's not just me freaked out the weeds then! I get completely spooked, imagining scenes from "What Lies Beneath".


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