Monday, 4 July 2011

Another Early Bike For Me - Thanks Orbana

Another early start for me on the bike down lovely Pembrokeshire, the weather has been amazing ideal for training, I just hope it is here to stay. If we could guaranty this weather everyday why would we need to go abroad to train? As I ran late Saturday night I was hoping that my legs werent to sore, but I felt great, ideal shape for an early morning ride.

I tend to have my full breakfast on my return, so I had a cereal bar and off I went in my yellow jersey, the tour leader... The Tour leader of Martyn Lewis's Tour De Pembrokeshire. I had planned the route so I knew what was expected, not to many climbs but enough to get me working hard as I think my bike the place I need to gain the most at present.

The elevation chart shows that the route wasn't to flat and had a large number of climbs, not all hard ones, but climbs none the least. I did work hard through the session, it was great to get out early on quiet roads and get some decent speeds in. I did see a number of other cyclists out and every one gave me a nod of acknowledgeable when I cycled past. This must be in the cyclists code of conduct as hardly any runners give me the time of day when I go past them.

I am having one or two issues with my gears on the bike so I need to take the bike down to the mechanic before I race on Wednesday, as I cant get into the hardest gear so this was affecting my speed when I was going on flats and down hills, the transition of my gear changes are fine its just actually getting the bike into certain gears.

I really enjoyed this ride and im already looking on how to extend the route further next time I take the bike down. The views are amazing and the routes are really quiet. A cyclists dream I think, but ask the Ironman Wales athletes and im sure they'll tell me something different.

After my cycle I decided to use my new supplement sent to me by the nice people at Orbana. It is a new health sports drink that delivers high performance without stimulants. I decided to use the the product post cycle and see how it aided my recovery. I plan to use it on Monday evening before my hard run to compare outcomes. All you have to do with the product is mix with 250ml of water shake well and off you go.

As I was out early I had my full breakfast after the cycle with consisted of cereal, and with this I drank my Orbana sample. It tasted great and did not leave you with a horrible taste in your mouth unlike some products. It was was easy to swallow and didn't make all the bottle all sticky as this is the last thing you want to happen when you on the go.

As this was an early morning ride, the last thing I wanted to do was flake out on the sofa all day and the Orbana product I think helped me avoid this, I wasn't suffering from fatigue and kept going all afternoon till late evening. I didn't suffer from any stomach cramps, unlike times before with previous products and I felt great all day. I can definitely confirm if all goes well with my run on Monday night Orbana with be a product I will continue to use to aid my training plans.

I'll report back and l will let you know how it goes - Once again thanks for the support from the team at Orbana.

Todays session

Duration 01 59 49
Distance 31.30 miles
Calories 2031
Average HR 132 BPM
Max HR 155 BPM
Average Speed 15.9 MPH
Max Speed 36.1 MPH

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  1. Well remembered. My orbana is sitting in the kitchen glaring at me because I keep forgetting to try it.


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