Sunday, 31 July 2011

Run Forest, Run

I decided to include an extra rest day in over the weekend, AS I said before my legs were tired, I felt drained so Friday and Saturday became rest days for me. Call me lazy but I haven't had 2 days off on the trot for as far as I can remember (before January 2011).

I haven't been running far enough for my liking lately, so I though I'd get in a 8 miler for the session which involved a 3 mile run though the forest.

It was a really humid day, so I knew it was going to be a tough one on the lungs as the air was going to be "dirty", no fresh cool air for me to breath, but muscle on and stop being a big fairy.

My legs felt great after the extra day off so I made every effort to give this session my all and try and get a personal best for the route. As I hadn't done this route for some time I had forgot how hard this route actually was. I compared it to the last time I did this route and I was over 4 minutes quicker, I was amazed how far I've come in a few months. I need to crank up my mileage in August so I will be completing this one a few times over the next month. I was very please with mile 4as I broke the 7 min mile marker and clocked in a 6:59 which is my fastest to date on a long run.

I did work hard on this run and stayed in that intense zone throughout the run, I had to stop once to cross the road (that's the dip at 30 minutes) but apart from that my heart rate stayed between 160 and 180 averaging out at 164 beats per minute.

The second half of the run is mainly uphill which is a killer, I didn't wear compression calf socks so im guessing im going to pay for it on Monday. I did slow towards the end of the run, and I'll have to work on this over the next month to keep the same pace throughout the run no matter the gradient.

It was the Tuska triathlon in Swansea this weekend, it wasn't on my training plan, but part of me wishes I had done it as it wasn't raining! Oh well roll on my next race in Pembrokeshire, location of Ironman Wales.

Todays session

Duration 01 04 29
Distance 7.92
Calories 1098
Average HR 164 BPM
Max HR 179 BPM
Average Pace 08.02
Best Pace 05.28

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Snakes And Intervals

The start of this was a very different start to any other I have had to date, as this was a club run we went thought the normal warm up routine which covers stretches and light jogging. The coach also worked on our Plyometrics (fast twitch muscles) the main areas we worked were achilles and calf muscles. If anyone was driving past must of what the hell are they doing jumping around in squares and shuffling on the spot as hard as we could.. We must of looked a right bunch!

After the warm up I needed to go for a relief stop (A quick Jimmy Riddle) so I decided to cross the road and jump into the long grass and I was greeted with an all mighty hiss! I was an adder just by my feet, I have never moved so quick, I was so stunned by the time I got back to the group they had already gone, so I missed pressing the start button on the Garmin, so I've manually added the set I missed.

The session was:

4 x 1min 95%, 1 min 75%, 1min 95%, 1 min 75%, 2 min 95%, 2 min 75%

This was a great session, and on average in the 95% zones I was averaging 6 minute mile pace, I was doing a half walk recovery half jog recovery, (i.e 1 minute recovery, 30seconds walk, 30 seconds jog) which worked for me in this session as I felt I had enough energy to keep going the same rate through the session and felt fully recovered for each 95% part.

I'm looking forward to my Friday rest day and long bike over the weekend, my legs are feeling tired but I hope I can see the masseur over the weekend so get some TLC on my legs.

I used my Brooks Adrenaline for this session and I can feel the difference between the Newtons, I'm still getting used to the Newtons as they have additional tread on the bottom of the shoes for stability which I have to say feels like im walking in heels.

Todays session

Duration 01 04 22
Distance 4.68 miles
Calories 593
Average HR 149BPM
Max HR 172BPM
Average Pace 08.12
Best Pace 05.03

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Somebody Call Da Po-Lice!

My run was cut short because the police stopped me running down the planned route, all the blue lights, riot vans and unmarked cars.. the works! I wonder what was going on, but it totally through my run session I had planned and I ended up a mile short of planned distance.

It was only short run in this session as I was once again late coming home from work and I was attending a leaving party which involved a curry, so I needed to get out there to leave the stress from work behind and burn some calories off for that all important Indian cuisine.

My first mile was my quickest last night, as it was all down hill and then after getting deflected by the cops I had to do a route which was mostly uphill. It wasn't good on my already tired legs, I need to get a sports massage on my calf and shins. I took this chance to wear my new Newtons once more and I wasn't disappointed, I've got a few more scheduled runs with them until I write my review so please stay tuned for that report.

I did work hard in this session and the heat hasn't helped, but I dont mind it because anything is better than the rain. I trained last night without undersrmour on, so just shorts, t-shirt and compression socks, I was dripping when I had finished so it shows I must of worked hard on the hills, even though my heart rated max at only 167 BPM I still feel it was a good workout.

I do feel tired so im due rest day on Friday so I cant wait for that, I'll train hard tonight and put my feet up from then. Anyone recommend ice baths as a form of recovery? I was averaging out just over 8 minute miles which im happy with as it was mainly uphill. The chart below shows one major dip where Hawaii Five-O told me to turn around.

Roll on Friday!

Todays session

Duration 00 33.38
Distance 4.13 miles
Calories 575
Average HR 149 BPM
Max HR 167 BPM
Average Pace 08.07
Best Pace 05.48

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A New Lake A New Lesson

When I turned up to the session, the lake gates were already open and I drove straight in, only to find that other users were in the big lake using their jet skis so the triathlon club had to move to the smaller lake, not that I mind it was less to swim.. so I thought.

We had a massive turn out of 24 club swimmers in the lake, this is the biggest turnout I've ever seen at a club session. It was great to see so many people there, even though it was a little crowed and it was going to be hard to listen to the coach as there was so many people in attendance.

This session was based on a drafting and arm technique, which i definitely need work on so I was happy with that. The more I swim the better I think my arms are getting, obviously I've got a long way to go, but im enjoying it and that half the battle. I dont fear swimming 2000 meters plus and this is great news if I want to do an Ironman in the next year.

As we were swimming in the smaller lake it meant less room to turn around the buoys and as the lake was smaller I could see the bottom most of the way around and for those who read my blog often know I get freaked out if I can see the bottom, or reeds or plants or ropes of anything  so this makes it very hard to concentrate on anything else.

I've noticed that im swimming on my own alot at these sessions, im not fast enough to go with the turbo swimmers and im faster than the slower group, I'm not fit enough to kick on and tag along with the fast lot, and my stroke it too quick to join the slower group so I tend to find myself on my own. I dont really mind it as long as I can been seen with my bright orange swim cap, we only had spotters on the lake side no canoe this week. 

We swam 4 laps of the lake in the session, plus other sets around the buoys, I did enjoy the drag sets as it was great to get a break from working so hard. The water was far colder than the big lake which seems strange as you would think less water, less to keep warm so if anyone has the answer please let me know.

I was using the stretch technique for the majority of the session as this seemed to stop my arm crossing my body after the stroke as this is only creating resistance for me and making it harder to swim faster. This also makes me point my fingers which is also an aid for sighting and swimming in straight lines.

Todays session

Duration 00 40 00
Distance 2300 meters

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Did I Mention... I Dont Like Beach Runs

After gettig my new shoes from Netwons and having a rest day on Sunday I was really looking forward to this run session. Its been a while since I'v joined up with them due to races and recovery days its a hard session which blows awy those cobwebs.

I was not expecting s half road half beach run... and especially as I was in my new shoes.

The set was 1km on the road and 1km on the beach, we did this session back in April and I got soaked through, but lucky enough for me the tide was out so at least I could keep my shoes dry.

I was a tough session, and it was far harder running on the beach to the road, on the first set I managed to hang off the back of the lead pack I managed to gain the majority of catchup on road. Once we completed eh 2km we had 1 minute rest/recovery and then off we went again. The second set I was blown away by the lead pack and found myself back in the main group I kept on thinking it as the Peloton, just like the TDF.

It was another hot evening, I've got to stop wearing underarmour for my run sessions as I was soaked through. I drank some Orbana before I left for the session as it has been a great carb load drink before the intense sessions. I was luck enough to et some more samples from them so I have been handing them out in the triathlon club, so I hope everyone has liked them. If not pass on your comments back to the team at Orbana,

Below the line was a sprint session

We finished the session off with 5 sprints which I coped with fine, I seem to get some more energy out of somewhere and I managed to beat a few of the others, must be my new trainers.

Todays session

Duration 00 49 46
Distance 5.86 miles
Calories 801
Average HR 166 BPM
Max HR 180 BPM
Average Pace 07.35
Best Pace 04.45

Saturday, 23 July 2011

New Record - New Distance On Me Bike

Today marks a new record for me, its the furthest I've ever been on my bike, I'm slowly building up my bike distances and today was the start of this by clocking in a 40 miler. As my wife was at work all day this gave me an ideal opportunity to get out.

I normally get out at the early hours to avoid the traffic as there are some idiots out there, but my bed was to nice at 6am so 1pm was the new time of departure.

I had planned to meet up with some friends at the halfway point but I had a text while I was out to say the were running late so I may miss them which was a shame as they good give me that morale boost to get home, another boost for my trip home was, I had to pick my wife at 6pm so I couldn't be late.

It was definitely a tougher leg on the way out then on the way even though it looks to be more of an incline on the way home.

After watching the tour its making me want to get out more on my bike, and teh sun today really helped, those guys get to max speeds of 50 MPH on the flats, well I was very happy with my 38 MPH going down hill. I am a little disappointed with my average speed though of only 14 MPH so that's something I need to work on as I need to be around the 20 MPH upwards.

I did work hard on the bike, and I managed to burn just shy of 3000 calories, I had workout for me. I did run out of water on the bike so I think im going to put another bottle cage on my bike as I'm only going to go further so im going to need more fluids. I used my new frame bag and put a sports SIS bar in and a gel for the rid which I used at the half way point. They went down easy and were a great assistant to my energy levels. There was a slight head wind on the route, so thinking about it thats probably why the ride out was harder.

The dip shows the half way point which couldn't come quick enough, I wish I'd have taken £1 for a 99 with a flake.

Todays session

Duration 02 44 31
Distance 39.27
Calories 2717
Average HR 141BPM
Max HR 174BPM
Average Speed 14.7MPH
Max Speed 38.8MPH

Friday, 22 July 2011

Simply Swim - I'll Be Back!

I recently purchased some new swim gear from Swimwear and I was pleasantly surprised with everything they offered my shopping experience. It was the first time I used this store and I can say how good there service has been, during and after the purchase of my products. The site offers users live chat assistance which is brilliant as if you want more information about a product (i.e does the product come up small) then they are there to be asked. The site is easy to navigate and the search function is very reliable unlike some sites I've used. Simplyswim stock all major brands in the swimming arena and has plenty of stock so you've never disappointed.

I needed some new fins for my swim sessions and I did look long and hard for what I wanted and I came across the Cressi light fins, they come in 2 colours so I went for the blue set. I've used them a few times now in club sessions and haven't been disappointed, they fitted nicely and haven't rubbed my heels at all and feels like a natural extension to my legs. This is what you want out of any pair of fins to help you keep good technique.

I also purchased some new jammers, I previous bought Speedo entry level jammers and haven't looked back since that purchase. This time I decided to go down the same route but go for a more "plus" pair. They are a smart looking pair of jammers and are a really comfortable fit. They have no drag and help you glide through the water just like wetsuit does. If you are conscious about wearing a pair of Speedo trunks then definitely look into purchasing a pair of these. I tend to buy endurance finish as they tend to last that little bit longer than race shorts as they have a high chlorine tolerance level.

I also purchased a Maru pull Buoy to work on my upper body training, this buoy gives you additional buoyancy to your legs so you have to work harder with your arms.The buoy fitted nicely between my legs and did not chaff me in any areas, exactly what you need. It has a stylish blue and green finish and im the only one at the club to have this one so I never end up taking someone else's kit home.

My final purchase was a pair of competition racing goggles, this is probably the most important purchase of the lot. I have my open water pair which are brilliant so I was hoping for a some similar results. As im a contact lens wearer goggles are very important in my sport they have to be comfortable and have to stop the water getting in. These past the test with flying colours! They were very to setup and once I had sorted the fit they felt very comfortable. I got into the water (pool session) with them and they didn't steam up, the view from them was excellent, no distortion like some goggles and I felt very confident that they weren't going to come off my face in dives and turns.

The checkout experience at was very easy and its good to see shops starting to use Paypal checkout, which makes the shopping experience even easier. Its nice they offer a free collection service, but maybe an added bonus they could offer shoppers free shipping if they spend over £30. After going through the check out and committing to the purchase I received my confirmation order email and I thought that would be it. But NO.. a day later I got an email from Simplyswim to tell me I would be expecting my delivery between 10:00 and 11:00 how good was that, a nice little service which saved me a trip to the post office.

I would recommend to any of my traininer partners and triathlon club members, they offer a 28 day free returns policy which no one can complain about and its been a completely hassle free process which I defintely will use again!

Thanks team Simplyswim!

Back To Intervals - I've Missed You

As there was no interval session last week, I was raring to go for this one as I really enjoy these sessions as I tend to work that little harder with the club than on my own.

The session was a 6 x (2 minutes 95%, 1 minute 75%, 1 minute 95%, 30 seconds 75%, 30 seconds 95%, 30 seconds 75%) a great speed session, one to concentrate on your fast twitch muscles and keeping your head up and fast moving arms. I loved this session, a hard workout in 60 minutes.

I'm still wearing my compression socks for run training, Its helping me recover and perform at every training session im completing, well running ones anyway. In this session I was doing a walk recovery to get my heart rate down to the 75% I tend to jog in this session but Thursday night I wanted to go flat out in the max zones I made sure I got the fully recovery in. My pacing on the max zones was pretty good, and I felt I had more to give in the max periods and I felt good for the duration. It was really humid for an evening session, I expected rain so I had long sleeved underarmour on and a run rain jacket on. The rain never came, so the coat was soaked through as a perspired so much, so I must have worked hard.

I was averaging out 0.30 of a mile for the 2 minute periods and I am in 2 minds to say if these were the hardest or the easiest sessions, easy because I could get into a rhythm and stay there, hardest because im going flat out for the duration, and im pushing myself all the time to get to the recovery zone. I this period I managed to get a best pace of 4 minute mile so im really happy with that effort.

On the last 30 second 95% period I challenged one of the other runner in the group to a sprint finish, and I really enjoyed trying to push my body to next level, we kept on getting quicker and I managed to pip him with a final extra kick in the last 10 seconds, I wonder how far I could have gone at that pace, and it was a slight incline to. It was shame I missed the 5km series in Swansea as I would have liked to see how much I had progressed from my 21 minutes last year.

Before the session I had some of the Orbana again and it a very good product, as I left work late and did have time to snack before the session. I quickly mixed up 250ml of water and the Orbana powder and off I went. It gave me that extra carbs for the session I needed and I recommend any athlete to try it in there training programme.

Its been a hard week training after racing on last Sunday so im looking forward to the rest day on Friday and a long bike on Saturday so I hope the sun shines.

Todays session

Duration 01 04 03
Distance 5.18 miles
Calories 685
Average HR 162 BPM
Max HR 186 BPM
Average Pace 07.16
Best Pace 03.35

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Evening Runs - Worse Results

I ended up staying longer in the office than I had planned which messed up my training plan totally. I had planed to hit the saddle and get out and get some miles on the bike. As I ended up coming home over a hour late, I was already hungry which stopped me going. I decided to cook my dinner and then go out after for a run. I was chancing it as my legs were still a little tired from the weekend.

I started slower than normal and I knew something wasn't right, I'm not sure if I left long enough for my dinner to digest so I could feel that repeating on me, but it was only poached eggs so that wasn't to bad, but my legs just seemed heavy and only got heavier, which was effecting my pace.

On average I was clocking out 8 minute miles which I relatively happy about as my legs are still a little tired from the weekend. The route I tend to keep under the 8 minute mile pace, but I did have to stop 3 times for cars to pass and a massive JCB, It was a tight squeeze so I had to jump into the hedge to let the machine past.

I found the second and third miles possible he hardest of the night, they do have mixtures of up and down hill so they should be relatively easy, It was like I just couldn’t get going, but when I hit the turn point it was like I had been running for hours, everything suddenly clicked and my rhythm was there, or it was physiological as I turned for home?

The last mile is all up hill as it is the same route I've been doing for some time, and compared to the last time i did this route im 3 minutes slower which is a shame but if after a race so I'll let it slide this time. I did wear my compression socks again as I think this is aiding my recovery time, I purchased some CEP calf compression ones over the weekend at the Welsh Champs, and they helped me leaps and bounds. I cant complement compression gear enough, how ever did we run before without it?

After completing the run I didn't feel much satisfaction, as I knew I should have been out on the bike, but that we have to was till the weekend now and I hope the sun shines for it as I need to bank a long ride.
Todays session

Duration 00 49 56
Distance 6.0 miles
Calories 831
Average HR 147 BPM
Max HR 170 BPM
Average Pace 08.16
Best Pace 04.44

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Back To The Open Water

I've really missed this session, as the last 2 weeks its either landed on a pre or post race day, so I was really happy to be back in the open water.

This is a simple session, 2 laps within a hour, swim within a group so if you get into trouble your not alone, the past weeks there has been a support canoe but this week we were all alone.

We were asked to swim close to the lakes edge in the session so we all started off in one line but as soon as I saw the bottom of the lake  I started to panic and scare myself so I pushed into a more central position in the lake and sighted on the horizon rather than the swimmer in front of me, which I didn't mind as I need to work on that area of my swim. It just felt like whenever I saw the bottom I envisaged something coming out and grabbing me, it was hard enough to concentrate on my arms, so thinking about something is going to get me was a right distraction.

The water was colder than I remembered but I soon acclimatised when I stuck my head under for a quick 15 seconds, I let a little warm down the neck of my suit and it took my breath away but after that it felt like I was swimming in a bath.

I motored around on my first lap and it was a little wider than my second lap, I could of managed a third but as I turned in for the jetty I could see most of the swimmers getting out so I'll save that 3rd lap for another day.

My arms were a lot better at this weeks swim, I think this is because of the long distance and you dont have a turn point like the pool. I'm thinking about attending Club La Santa for a weeks swim school in August but it depends on the price and if I can get time off work. I dont have any other swims planned this week but I may try and do a brick over the weekend that includes a swim.

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 2542 meters

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Monday, 18 July 2011

Llandudno Sea Triathlon - What a Wet Race

I woke up early, to a windy and rainy morning, I was already nervous about the event, this was the Welsh Championships so a high standard was expected. I had read that this was a tough course so I needed the weather on my side.

I forced down my 4 weetabix and poached eggs down as I made the mistake of not eating enough for the Welsh half marathon as that was a 12pm start similar to this race, so I wanted to make sure the tank stayed full enough to complete this Olympic distance triathlon.

Off I went with my support team (my wife) in the rain to set up my transition, we went up to Llandudno a few days earlier so I could acclimatised with the seaside town, all that sea air is completing different to what im used to, in Swansea! We just fancied making a weekend of it so we didn't have to rush on race day which I can do with out especially on my first Olympic.

It took me long enough to find me place in transition, the number places weren't the clearest, but im guessing the rain hadn't help them, they look all soggy and not very easy to read. I finally managed to find my space, it was a little snug but I managed to get my bike racked and box of tricks in the space and I started my race prep and got into my wet suit ready to race.

All participants went to the race briefing and listen to race ref calling the shots of do's and don'ts there was some confusion with the swim route, but it would be easier for me as I could just follow the crowds.

I was in my wet suit along with other members of wave one, we were lined up ready to go down the jetty, and a welsh triathlon official came to us and said the swim is off, and with that over the speaker system "Attention all competitors - The swim is unsafe and has been cancelled, it will now become a 5km run" I was really gutted, this was going to be my first Olympic distance event, only to be taken away from me. I'm sure if swimming was your strong discipline you would have been mad, I'm glad my strongest part is my run, so it was a kind of win for me!

I went back to my transition point, stripped out my wetsuit and got my jacket back on to keep warm. We were told that we would still start in heats so I was still up first, so I made way to start line and awaited the starters hooter. In my wave there was about 35 racers so the start line was pretty crowed, I dont know how many racers had dropped out because of the cancelled swim, but after looking at the results I think its quite a few.


I decided to sit on the heels of one pack of runners on the first lap, and then kick on in the second lap, A few people sprinted off from the start and I soon passed them on my second lap, I knew pacing was going to be very important for me in this race, as I'd never gone this far in a tri before. I cruised in on the run and saved my energy for my biking. I slipped out my running trainers, into my bike shoes, turned my number around and off I went.

The bike starts with a incline and continues for three quarters of the route and then the final part is a fast decent and with all this rain about you had to take it relatively slowly but before the decent there is an ideal window where you can take on a drink and some gels before you zoom off. But back to the start of the bike, the incline just got bigger and bigger and the wind and rain got harder and harder, at one point it felt like I was riding into a wind tunnel and someone was throwing sand into it! It was tough, very tough and doing this 4 times did not make me feel great, but I did it and after finishing the bike I felt a great sense of achievement and I felt good. but not good enough to do another lap of that bike course. I heard my support team shouting for me to keep going which gave me that extra drive to push on.

I was now down to the last leg, the final countdown, the 10km, I slipped out my soaking wet bike shoes and squelched into my running trainers and off I went. I felt good, no stiffness in the legs, no joint pain, no energy dips I felt great. I was really surprised after doing that hard bike. I focused on a runner in the distance and my aim was to chase them down. I caught them on the sprint turn point and carried on to the 5km marker and all I had to do was head to home, I did exactly the same as the outward journey, sight and chase them down. I managed to get a great rhythm on the run and it showed as I clocked in a 50 minute off the bike which was home into the wind and after a solid bike I was very please.

My results for the race - 14th in my class which I was amazed with, a good result for me but there is always room for improvement. My bike is dragging me back, but it was a tough ride, but I need to get more miles under my belt and get out with other riders so I can improve and be pushed.

Todays session
Duration 02 56 38
Distance 5km run, 36km bike, 10km run

Friday, 15 July 2011

I Knew My Swim Would Come Back

What a complete change from my last swim session on Monday night. This was my first triathlon training session down the pool on a Thursday night I normally do the club interval session but as the coach was on
holiday and I'm on a taper I thought I'd give the pool session a go.

I was told to bring my wet suit and trainers as the first part of the session is done in suits and the second is just in your Tri suit or bathers. The trainers we for aquathon training as this was mentioned by the coach before hand. When I got there some of us got into our suits and we did a little drafting set, in threes and then into sixes.

We also knocked out some sprints as we had to overtake people without suits and they had a few seconds head start, oh my it's soooo easy swimming in a Tri wetsuit why can't I always swim in one?

On the last set of sprints we had to get out the pool as quick as we could and get out the suit before the non suit swimmers finished there length... I think I did.. Well sort of one leg in and one leg out!

This completed 600 meters and I was ready to get out, then the coach called the set:

250m (1st 50m head up)
250m (1st 50m one arm, switch on return journey)
100m sprint (45sec recovery)

All the above x 4

Oh my I was meant to be on a taper, but I maned up and dug deep. The first set went great and my rhythm was really good I was happy with my pace and I was keeping each 25m at the same pace. Then to the sprint,
my first sprint was 1.51 this was my baseline, and I was trying to keep to this time and under.

My second and third set went even better I was still in my rythym and I was untouchable (I like to think I was) I was making sure on each 250m I was saving enough energy to blast out my 100m sprints. Set 2
100m was 1.55 and set 3 was 1.50 a little slower on set 2 but I managed to pick it up on set 3.

Set 4 my arms were starting to get heavy and I managed to block it out and keep going. After completing the 250's the coached asked me to get out and race my last 100m. From a diving start I raced one of the
other swimmers from the group, and unfortunately I came 2nd but I did my best time of the night for the sprint 1.47 - hurray!

But by this time my ars felt like they were 5 times heavier than when I got in an hour and a half earlier. A cracking session and one I think I start attending more often.

Rest days for me now Friday and Saturday as I'm racing Sunday in the North Wales (Llandudno) sea triathlon which are the welsh champs - wish me luck!

It was meant to be a taper session but I ended up swimming my furthest yet, 3000 meters

Todays session

Duration 01 30 00
Distance 3000m

Late Potato Run

I got home from work late and as I had a rest day on Tuesday, I had to get out there for a run, I needed to stop using the weekends race as an excuse and get out there.

I deicide to have my dinner before my run on Wednesday as I felt really drained and low on energy so I went and made jacket potato beans and cheese, dinner of champions. After consuming my dinner and waiting for an hour and a half I got changed and got out there on the road and got a run in.

The plan was to keep it simple and light, even though I had a rest day the previous day I didn't want to end up blasting out a hard run, so I kept some back for the weekend. I decided the route ans the distance was gong to be 5 miles if I felt crap and 6 miles if I felt good. The 5 mile marker came and I still had a spring in my step so I carried on for the extra half mile before turning for home. The sun was shining and the breeze was keeping me cool so why not keep going.


Last time I did this run I was a little bit quicker but I wasnt tapering so I dont feel that guilty for taking it easy. There must of been something in thing in the Swansea air as I never see people out training, but tonight I saw 4 runners and 5 cyclists out! I was amazed that i actually saw other people out training!

This is my last run before race so it was a quality run enough to keep me revving into the red ready for race day

Todays session

Duration 00 46 48
Distance 6.0 miles
Calories 837
Average HR 159BPM
Max HR 177BPM
Average Pace 07.44
Best Pace 04.52

Monday, 11 July 2011

Messy Crazy Arm Swimming

Run club was cancelled as the team are racing tomorrow in Swansea's 5km series, so I decided to get down the pool for some indoor swimming. I was really looking forward to a different session, but it all seemed to go wrong from the moment I got into the water.

I got in the pool and it was freezing, as funny as it sounds but I felt warmer when I was in my wetsuit swimming outside in the lakes. I soon warmed up in the pool when I got some meter-age in.

After swimming about 400 meters I was starting to get tired for some reason, which was a shame as I know the rest of the session was going to be a drain. I know it was hard work getting out of bed this morning so perhaps an early night could be on the cards to catch up on my sleep.

The longer the session went on the worse my stroke got, I really concentrate on keeping my rhythm with my arms but over 25 meters its hard to get that rhythm. I think I need to get to some lessons under my belt, Celtic Tri have coached lessons down the 50 meter pool so I think it might be worse while going down to see if anything can be done about my arms.

I found my self crossing my arms even further, which I think is definitely effecting my speed and it also making me work harder as there is more resistance. To make things worse a swimming club were training in the 3 lanes next to the public lane, and to avoid us clashing arms they asked out lane to swim the opposite way to the norm so I found myself swimming in the middle of the lane, so I was annoying the other swimmers and I just didnt feel right as in that pool we have always swam the other side of the lane... I was totally confused!

What a crap swim, but I still got a 1400 meters in 40 minutes, so I was kind of please with that!

I going for fork out for some paddles and fins to see if that can help me out with my stroke?

Fingers crossed I have a better swim next time.

Todays session

Duration 00 40 00
Distance 1400 meters

Top Cycling Sprint Session - 1000 Miles

I've been wanting to complete one of these for a while, get some pain in those legs and this was the ideal time to try it out as it gives me a week to recover before I race next Sunday.

The plan of action was a 1 mile warm, and 10 sets of recovery and sprints over a mile, and then finish with a 1 mile warm down. The 10 sets would be a half mile recovery with a half mile flat out sprint, till your legs feel like led. ad you cant peddle any more. After watching the Tour De France time trials I really wanted to see how hard it is... and my suspicion were right, its rock hard, those riders are machines!

Lap 1 was a recovery/warm up lap and then lap 2 was a flat out sprint, this continued all the way to lap 20. I can honesty say laps 12 and 14 hurt the most and I remember grinding my teeth to get to the end of the lap. The course had a very small incline but enough to keep you working on the rest phase and enough to give you a good speedy start of the sprint stage.

The spikes in the graph show the injection of speed in each lap, I managed to get a maximum speed of 30.1 mph in the session which I was really happy about, and on he 1st 5 sprints I was averaging out at a 25 mph. On the 2nd 5 sprints I averaged out between 22mph and 24mph, this is when the legs start to turn into led weights and I left the WD40 spray at home.  I did give this session my all, when I had finished I could feel lactic in my legs and my heart rate was pretty high for the bike. I also had to climb 2 hills to get home so I wasn't looked forward to that.

If anyone was watching me do the laps they must have thought what the hell is he doing going around and around the around-abounds. The map below kind of explains what im talking about, there wasn't much traffic on the road so fingers crossed no one was watching. One thing I am finding difficult, is counting laps, I used to find it hard in the pool, but now it just comes to you, but im now in the same situation on the bike with counting laps and pointers gratefully received.

This session also marked a large milestone for the year, I have passed the 1000 mile marker. I never imagined I would pass 1000 miles, when I thought about blogging my training in January this was a distance thought, but now 7 months into the year I've made it. This now leaves me with an issue, I need to hit 2000 for the year. I dont know if this is possible, but im willing to give it a try. I have a busy schedule coming up over the next few months with races, everything from triathlons, charity bike rides and half marathons , but after October its going to be pretty quiet so I may have 2 months that I can concentrate on getting the proper miles in with no taper.

Todays Session

Duration 00 57 46
Distance 14.46 miles
Calories 732
Average HR 129 BPM
Max HR 163 BPM
Average Speed 16.8 MPH
Top Speed 30.1 MPH

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Saturday, Sunny and Sweat!

This was a planned late evening short run, enough to blow the Friday rest day cob webs away, and enough to get me sweating!

I had lit the barbecue before I left for the run so I couldn't be too long, I was hungry before I left so the thought of barbecued food made me run that little big harder.

I was really please with my mile pacing, if anything hits the 8 minute mile im starting to get disappointed, so I do need to work harder on the last mile home. It is mainly uphill, a slow incline but its enough to make me hit that 8 minute mile marker. The roads were really quiet, no bikers, no cars, no runners everyone must have been down the beach, I dont blame them... Why was I out running?

I'm still wearing my compression socks as I think its helping my recovery, I'm sure I still look a daft but as there was hardly anyone out on the road I didn't mind.

I managed to clock in 998 miles for the year to date, so my next session which is the bike I will hit the 1000 mark! I'm very happy with that!

Got home, the coals were hot, and I ready to cook so its a short and sweet blog tonight... best get my chef hat on!

Todays session

Duration 00 38 31
Distance 5.00 miles
Calories 697
Max HR 174BPM
Average HR 157BPM
Best Pace 04.33
Average Pace 07:56

Ironman Wales 2016 - Race Report

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