Sunday, 12 June 2011

Wet, Wet.. WET Run!

When I woke up this morning and looked out the window I saw the rain, it was proper rain coming from all angles up, down, sideways and every angle imaginable. I looked at my training plan and my face dropped, long run.. in this weather... oh bugger!.

My wife has gone to Switzerland for 2 weeks with work so I'm home alone, she works for the Wales FA.  I dropped her off at the meeting point and she got on the team bus and off she went. Before we left I packed my running gear in my bag and put it in the boot, I had a route in mind but I was hoping the rain may lighten a little bit before I got out there as it may sway my decision.

While driving home the rain seemed to get harder, I was coming closer to the motorway junction and said to myself man up and get out there so I got off the motorway and parked up my car and got out there. The rain was still coming down but after 10 minutes of being out there it didn't bother me anymore and I found my rhythm.

I decided to do a route that we normally do with the elite group on a Monday, which is about 6 miles so I went out to the Swansea Pier and back home, well back to where I parked the car. It was great run beside the rain and I kept a decent pace throughout the run. Its relatively flat after the initial hill but a testing run all the way.

Lap 11 was a warm down, but I managed to press lap and stop on the Garmin so it didn't record the whole warm down so its probably dragged the average time down.

My heart rate stayed pretty stable throughout the run, it went higher at the end because I was keen to get home. I think my heart rate recovery is getting alot quicker, but now I think I need to work on speed injection, any tips.

Todays session

Duration 01 19 20
Distance 10.02 Miles
Calories 1411
Average HR 164BPM
Max HR 177BPM
Average Pace 07.54

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