Thursday, 2 June 2011

Taper Run Down South...

As its Juneathon I still have to clock in some miles so as I'm on a taper for Sunday I only did a minor 2 miles for the day.

I think its going to be even shorter on Friday and Saturday as I want to in the best possible shape for my race and it may not even be a run just a walk to keep me loose.

I'm down Southampton at the moment for a funeral so not the best of times but the weather is amazing and I hope its here to stay, it ideal for running and more importantly ideal for racing in.

I know it was only going to be a short run by I left my Garmin at home so I had no GPS for the tracking which is annoying as I feel naked with out my Garmin.

I still feel like im the only runner out there as theres no one out running down here either...

Todays session

Duration 00 17 00
Distance 2.14 Miles

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