Friday, 10 June 2011

Pain In The Butt - Bike Session

Ive been ready for a bike session all week so I couldn't wait  to get out there on the road with my still new bike. I've had the bike for a month now so it still new OK..

I got out my yellow jersey and put on my Oakleys and off I went, I had a crap day in the office so this is just want I needed to get the office out my head. I had decided route, a 30 miler one I did last time so I had a baseline time and it was similar weather too, so I knew what was expected.

I think im getting a lot better on the bike and my average speed has gone up considerably since the I started road biking. I know im never going to be a pro but every little step is a step better. This route on the way out has a strong head wind and when you turn for home some how it turns into a side wind.. I never get how thats possible?

I managed to keep a steady heart rate through the ride, but the heart rate does rise at the end of the cycle as this is the last hill for home, so I get out the saddle and give it some welly. Im also happy to stretch my legs out on the climbs as my bottom is hurting from the saddle. This is because 1) im not getting out on the bike enough and once I use the bike more my bum will get used to the saddle or 2) the saddle is rubbish so I need a new one. How do you tell if your saddle is crap?

The route is mostly flat so when a hill does come along its great to break that rhythm and get the legs working harder. Although I would prefer it if it was down hill all the way home.

The road were very quiet for a Thursday evening but I did clock 5 police cars, perhaps they were out catching criminals, but they had pulled one car over and they had him on breathalyser, I had gone past before I had a chance to see/hear the results.

Rest day Friday.. woohoo!

Todays session

Duration 01 56 11
Distance 31.16
Calories 1984
Average HR 133BPM
Max HR 177BPM
Average Speed 16.1MPH
Max Speed 33.7MPH

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  1. Oooooh... I'd have slowed down and gone past reeeeeally slooooooowly... but then I am a nosey bugger!!!


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