Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Open Water Swim - What Lies Beneath

After my rest day yesterday I was ready to get out there and blow some of the cobwebs away, and is the only way to do this? A open water swim.

After walking like John Wayne all day Monday I was happy to leave the cowboy look at home and get out doing some triathlon training. The Club have been trying to arrange some open water sessions and today I managed to get in contact with some club members and meet them for the swim. I normally do a pool session but I'm keen to get my open water skills improved so I can cope with the next events that are in the sea.

We got in the and the water wasn't as cold as I was expecting, i let a little bit of water down the neck of the suit, it took my breath away but after that I was fine. I wore my rash vest underneath my suit to try and stop some of the rubbing on my neck from the suit and I also plastered my neck in vass so it wouldn't rub, I know its not good for the suit so I've invested in some Body glide to try out.

There are a few buoys in the lake where we were swimming, so sighting was relatively easy I asked how deep the water was and I was told "DEEP" this didn't worry me to much but I just wanted to check how my treading water skills were. It was suggested that once you hit the required distance go around the boy and swim back to the last swimmer so we all stuck together. I unfortunately was mostly at the front through the session so found myself turning back to join the others so I ended up swimming further, which I didn't mind to much as every little helps.

After finding my bearings and heading out 2 the 2nd buoy I was finding myself looking at into the water and not seeing much, the bottom of the lake had long disappeared and I soon found myself thinking about creatures from the deep swimming out of nowhere to grab my feet and drag me down to the bottom never to be seen again. Is this sad for a 28 year old?

Even though the nasty thoughts I still swam on and managed to complete 1.5 laps of the lake, I've guessed it to be around the 1880 meeter mark (see map below).

I really enjoyed the season even though it rained and the wind was a tad gusty, I look forward to this being apart of my weekly training plans.

Todays session

Duration 00 45 00
Distance 1880 meters


  1. The water photos certainly conjure up visions of Jaws

  2. it is entirely appropriate to wonder what lies beneath. that's why we swim faster. I swim in the North Sea and can't see anything beyond my finger tips, and still scare myself.


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