Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lovely Lake Laps.. Hippo Like...

I missed out last week on the lake swim and I understand it was a good one to miss, it was cold, dark and the lake even had waves. Todays session couldn't be more different, the lake was really flat, mill pond like and idea swimming conditions.

The set was kept simple, 2 laps of the lake and as the lake was nice and flat I was happy with that, I thought that this set was going to be easy. Well how wrong was I..

The first lap went fine, I went off with the faster group and kept on there feet all the way around, which I was really happy with. I'm getting better with my swimming and im already looking to up the distance in my events, and 1500 meters doesn't look that daunting any more.

We swam a wider lap in the session, so the spotters could follow us if we came into trouble, but I kept seeing the bottom which gave me the spooks so I kept going into the deeper part of the lake so I wasn't too scared... I sound like a right softy... But I have visions of someone or something coming from the bottom and taking me away.

The majority of the faster group I did my 1st lap with raced eh Cotswolds 313 (half Ironman) so they were only interested in a loosener so they were content with one lap, my training plan said I had to complete 2 laps so wanted for the next group of swimmers so I didn't get lonely on my 2nd lap. I dont know what happened but this lap was really difficult, I couldn't get a rhythm, water was staying in my ears and my stroke was a right mess.

We were lucky enough to have someone looking after us in the lake in a canoe so if anyone happened to be struggling they would save the day with their canoe. I hope he wasn't looking at my stroke on the 2nd lap as it was a right mess. We also had one of the club members out with us taking snaps of us in the lake, it was a big club session so im sure he was busy taking snaps. I hope he hasn't put on Facebook all my crap ones!

One I found, I look like a hippo coming out the water, all I was missing was my ears flapping back and fore!

This was the state of me finishing the 2nd lap, but I know why I was so knackered after the session as I only had 4 Rivitta for lunch, note to self eat more at lunch if im doing a hard session in the evening. On the plus side I managed to eat my dinner and 2 scones with jam and cream when I got home, and it was worth it for that swim.

Todays session

Duration 00 55 00
Distance 2543 meters


  1. What a beautiful place to swim! I'd love to do more wild swimming but I have the opposite fear to you...I hate it when I can't see the bottom, that's where the real ankle grabbing nasties live :)

  2. Oh No! please dont say that!!!!

  3. Is this the lake on the A465 Marty?

  4. Yes Mr Wheeler it is!


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