Friday, 17 June 2011

Light Interval - The Right Way

What a mess I made with my Garmin, wrong buttons pressed, wrong times, a complete parlava!

As im racing on Saturday this was my last session, a light one, but a great one, before race day. It was a interval session, a proper one this time with the club.

The set was 6 x (3min 95% and 2min 80% recovery) I probably went 75% and % 55% which was just what I wanted.

We did a warm up and some work on our striding, I think this is going to be a great help to me as I landing while running just isn't right which I think probably gives me the calf and hamstring issues.

It was another small groups at the club run, im not sure why the numbers have dipped it s a great session and I've had massive gains from attending.

Well this is where the Garmin went wrong, There was meant to to be six humps as it was a 6 repeat session, but I managed to press the wrong button on my watch and lost/missed the first stage. I fiddled about and managed to get it sorted for the 2nd stage. I wanted to work hard enough in the workout to get my legs loose and keep my heart rate in eh zone, but just enough to get me sweaty.

Normally in the recovery period I tend to jog and keep my pace high, but this session I decided to walk and jog quite slowly make sure I fully recovered before the next hard 3 minutes. I'm still happy with my time as I managed to clock in under 9 minute miles.

I think im in pretty good shape for my race tomorrow I just hope the weather gets better!

Todays session

Duration 00 53 16
Distance 4.22 Miles
Calories 541
Average HR 142BPM
Max HR 166BPM
Best Pace 6.18 Min Mile

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