Friday, 3 June 2011

Late Evening Running Hot Hot Hot

What a lovely day weather wise the sun has been out all day and its been to hot to run in... well its never to hot to run but I'll use that excuse all day untill the sun starts to set. 

I went out for my run tonight at 7pm, it was cool enough and as I wanted to do a little run it was the ideal time before dinner was ready. I was lucky enough to have company on my run tonight, my wifes, sisters husband, so even though it was onyl 2.5 miles it was great to get out with someone else. I do like training with others as it keeps my pacing up high and it also gives me some drive to work hard.

Its very hard to get a rythum going on just 2.5 miles but I found myself getting a good stride in and it feel great to be out running in the cooling evening. I did on the other hand get a good sweat up, and I didnt have underarmour on or skins, just a simple shorts a t-shirt so it must of been hot!

I feel great and fingers crossed im in good shape for Sunday, Ive got a long drive back home tomorrow for the race on Sunday I hope I can get a little walk/jog in tomorrow evening when I get home pre race.

As im still in Southampton and I dont have my Garmin I plotted the run on Mapometer A great site so check it out.

Todays session

Duration 00 20 00
Distance 2.44 miles

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  1. It was scorching yesterday! I catch myself wishing it wasn't so hot and then think I must be crazy after wishing for warmer weather all winter! I've got my run over with early today luckily.


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